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Athletes forced to make choice

The school has expanded its sports class offerings this year, adding girls' volleyball to the mix - but scheduling conflicts have forced some athletes to decide between their sport or an academic class. The school currently offers four sports classes: girls' volleyball, boys' basketball, boys' baseball and morning lifting for football.

Modernize your definition of beauty

Beauty in our society is often decided by a certain set of words from the dictionary with an attached set of criteria to match. The question I am posing: Why have we attempted to define beauty when it is fluid and individualized? We are born into this world without a head full of hair, without...

Keep or kill: the death penalty

With voting day fast approaching, I'd like to remind all legal adults to mark their calendars and make a decision: to keep or kill the death penalty. Propositions 62 and 66 are two measures on our state's November ballot that contradict each other. While Proposition 62 is set to repeal the death penalty, Proposition 66...

When art meets politics: a reaction to Meryl Streep's Golden Globes speech

A little over six minutes was the span of time it took Meryl Streep to captivate an entire nation at the 2017 Golden Globes. In praise of the press, Hollywood and the diversity of our nation, her speech was eloquent and thoughtful. It certainly redirected our attention, even though the speech's topic had already been...

Don't forget the reality behind the N-word

The N-word - an insult that will always be an insult - is now a common term used by many to refer to a pal. You may have heard it before: a word packed with so much history, violence and pain, a meaning that has almost been forgotten by new generations of teenagers.

District seeks to renew parcel tax

Oak Park Unified School District will place a parcel tax, dubbed "Measure A," on the May 2017 all-mail ballot to help maintain lower class sizes. If passed, this parcel tax will serve as a slightly modified continuation of previous parcel taxes, one in 2004 and another in 2008.

Police close investigation of Nazi-themed notes

Following the February police investigation of the anti-Semitic notes left on various Oak Park buildings, investigators closed the case due to a lack of leads. Seven homes and the Chabad of Oak Park received threatening cards with pro-Hitler sentiments Saturday, Feb. 11. Through camera surveillance on one of the homes, police at the Ventura County...

Shady markets are markets nonetheless

I'd like to begin with a disclaimer: In no way, shape or form am I encouraging drug dealing or drug use of any kind in this article. Read on before reporting me to administration, please. It's an accorded truth of high school that, no matter who you are, drugs are everywhere on campus.


The Oak Park Girls' varsity volleyball team has remained undefeated in league this season, with a 8-0 record. Seniors Allyson Hawkins and Lauren Herrera are varsity team captains and commits. They have both reached high numbers on their kills and assists. Hawkins is a 5 ft 7 inch outside hitter committed to Bowdoin College.

Profile: Wes Slajchert

Q: When did you start basketball? A: Honestly, before I could remember. Q: What is your favorite sport you have played? A: Basketball because everyday I get to practice and spend time with Tim. Q: Who are your idols? A: Jake Keller, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Beyoncé.