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Premier League: Could Leicester Be The Side To Crack The Top Six?

Fifteen years ago, there was a clear top two in English football, as Alex Ferguson's Manchester United battled Arsene Wenger's Arsenal for supremacy. Roman Abramovich's money arrived at Chelsea and made that a top three, Sheik Mansour's petromillions made it a top four and Liverpool and Tottenham rounded it out to a top six.

The Best of the Lot

Pakistan: Cricket's most prized possession - Cricingif

If the great Sir Neville Cardus were still alive, he would have turned giddy trying to think of some superlatives that do justice to Pakistan cricket. He would be writing endless panegyrics, tearing them up, and writing some more, only to rip them to smidgens, too.

Pain in the Arsenal
Arsenal gallop further away from their identity

Arsenal have become a game of whack-a-mole. The fans have turned into a group of misery guts forever mulling over the calamity that follows a fitful carnival. The Emirates stadium has transformed into the cosseting presence of perennial mediocrity. Just a few miles away stands the brand new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Foxes of Leicester
Leicester City: 2018/19 season review

For the second season running, Leicester's campaign was a story of three discernible halves: a start that was comforting and satisfactory, a mid-season implosion followed by a managerial change, and finally, an outro to appease the fans and leave them salivating over what is to come.

Foxes of Leicester
Can Leicester City still finish seventh in the Premier League?

As farcical as it may sound, Leicester have never beaten Bournemouth in the Premier League. In the seven meetings between the two sides so far, the Cherries have won twice, while all that Leicester have to show is five draws.

Foxes of Leicester
Brendan Rodgers: The complete lowdown on Leicester City's new gaffer

Q. Brendan Rodgers is the new Leicester City manager. The rumours had been doing the rounds for a fairly long time but not at one stage did it feel like Rodgers would want to give up the chance to write history with Celtic Football Club - not this soon anyway.

Foxes of Leicester
Leicester City: Brendan Rodgers' appointment could be a turning point

Only a couple days back, the club was bathing in an extremely heady environment after Claude Puel's Leicester had succumbed to Crystal Palace. That seems like a long time ago now. All of a sudden, a downbeat, lowly fanbase feels reinvigorated to the extent that you can almost define it as giddy.

Foxes of Leicester
Three dream candidates to replace Claude Puel at Leicester City

Touted by all and sundry as the next manager unfortunate enough to take over the reins at Manchester United, Leonardo Jardim is undoubtedly the Leicester City fans' first choice to replace Claude Puel. Truth be told, if the board is serious about establishing Leicester as a "top six" club, then Jardim should be their first choice as well.

Playing for 90
Neymar has contrived to complicate, now he must strive to simplify

On what was an incredibly torturous, if not especially tortuous afternoon at the Krestovsky Stadium, football's most fabled darlings had nearly weathered a storm that never threatened to blow them away but stop them dead in their tracks. The yellow shirts were oozing a great degree of relief - their joy, not frustration now the most eminent feature.

The Real Champs
How the pragmatic beast of Real Madrid killed the romantic saint Zinedine Zidane

Few jobs in the world are as stress-laden in football as the Real Madrid manager. There are arrivistes to deal with, there's always the shadow of a certain Florentino Perez looming large, there's the most barbarian fanbase demanding unprecedented levels of success, and finally, there's the ever-present success of FC Barcelona, the comparison with which has the final say on how good - or bad - you are.

Foxes of Leicester
Southampton Vs Leicester City: Opponent watch with Sam Tighe

The 2-0 victory against Wolverhampton Wanderers has instilled a lot of confidence into Claude Puel's already ebullient side; however, the absence of Jamie Vardy - who was sent off last week - is likely to have some bearing on the team's spirit and performance alike.

Foxes of Leicester
Leicester City's defensive frailties could be Claude Puel's undoing

Tempers were flaring back in the East Midlands - and in a certain section of the Vitality Stadium - as Leicester City got blown to smithereens at the hands of a ruthless Bournemouth, conceding their 56th, 57th, 58th, and 59th goal in 41 matches under Puel in the process.

Foxes of Leicester
Jonny Evans the right man for Leicester City's blossoming boys

The fee, although undisclosed, is likely to not even be a quarter of what Steve Bruce thinks may not be enough to buy Jack Grealish's right leg; however, for such a scanty amount, Claude Puel has managed to land someone who has 11 major trophies at club level, including a UEFA Champions League and three Premier League titles.

Foxes of Leicester
Leicester City: 2017/18 season review

In a way, 2017/18 summed up Leicester City's stay in the Premier League: Ordinary to begin with (2014/15), jaw-dropping in the middle (2015/16) and like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, because you didn't simply know what to expect (2016/17).

Foxes of Leicester
Leicester City, Claude Puel and the patience game

The frustration is quite understandable, seeing as the Foxes neared a return to Europe not long back and were in with a great chance of finishing seventh in the Premier League - their highest ever either side of the historic 2015/16 campaign.

Foxes of Leicester
Riyad Mahrez's situation is a shambles - but who is to blame?

From the magic man that most of us would like to fondly remember him as, he is fast-becoming a virulently loathed figure at the King Power Stadium - but is he to be solely blamed for the shambolic state of affairs that he finds himself in? Put crudely, no.

Foxes of Leicester
Leicester City should be looking to sign Ross Barkley

The troublemaking playmaker has been on song this summer, already netting twice in three games to make Craig Shakespeare mull over what he'll lose, and how he would manage to recover from a body blow that's probably going to come at a time when he'll only have leftovers to choose from.

Foxes of Leicester
Leicester City must get rid of Riyad Mahrez

A year on since the Gunners' unsuccessful pursuit, Vardy still continues to be the heartbeat of this club - his passionate celebrations at the sacred King Power Stadium still the fans' favourite sight - but Mahrez seems to have his heart pounding for the comfort of The Emirates Stadium's ostentatious executive box.

Playing for 90
Olivier Giroud: Arsenal's priceless prized possession needs to be cherished

It's five years since Arsenal signed Olivier Giroud from Montpellier for a meagre £12 million. Since then, hardly any player in the Premier League, or perhaps the whole of Europe, has divided opinion quite like the Frenchman, who is best known for his missed chances to some, but acknowledged for his unique attributes only by a few.

Playing for 90
Lucas Perez's defeat serves him well, not the winner

Were FIFA to conduct a separate award ceremony for the unluckiest footballers across the globe, Arsenal's Lucas Perez would run away with all the honours. The wantaway Spaniard can probably take heart from the fact that he'd join an illustrious company in doing so, but nothing would serve as a compensation for the year that he has unfortunately had to waste at Arsenal.

Playing for 90
Sead Kolasinac the latest to represent a changing trend at Arsenal

Arsenal got their transfer window off to a start that has been termed by every self-proclaimed erudite as a bit of a damp squib. After all, if a player doesn't cost you £50m in the current times, he is more likely to be a second-grade squad player - at least, that's what the general opinion is.

Playing for 90
Kylian Mbappe could define an era for Arsenal

It won't be wrong to treat Arsenal's reported £120m offer for Kylian Mbappe as their valedictory wave to mediocrity, to stubbornness and to their era of parsimony. For once, Arsene Wenger has let his traditional, saintly self go to enter the modern football's preached dark-arts world and in some style.

Playing for 90
How Zinedine Zidane has Transformed Real Madrid

Ever since the Frenchman took over Castilla, one could sense that he was only another Florentino Perez-sacking away from stepping onto the Santiago Bernabeu's sacred turf as the man in charge. In came Rafael Benitez, out he went with a whimper and the prophecy was finally fulfilled with Zidane taking over the reins.

Playing for 90
Premier League: Can Arsenal still finish in the top four?

Arsenal are the subjects of feuilletons again. They are English Football's laughing stocks again, for they are destined to carry the unwanted burden of that accolade as long as they willingly choose mediocrity over excellence. It wasn't meant to be back in November, when they were riding high and going head to head with Chelsea, whom they beat 3-0 at The Emirates.

Back Page Football
European glory is well within Arsenal's reach

That Arsenal haven't won the UEFA Champions League despite being the possessors of some of the world's best players during the Arsene Wenger era, is beyond the understanding of anyone who has followed the sport during the past two decades.

Back Page Football
Olivier Giroud: The famulus overshadowed by Galacticos' magic

Olivier Giroud did no harm to his ever-burgeoning reputation as Arsenal's go-to man after the Frenchman's thumping header sealed the Gunners' Old Trafford fate, in the process earning them a vital away point in a game the majority of which they looked set to lose.

World Soccer Talk
Leicester City is giving English soccer a story to cherish

There are stories, and then there are stories we will always remember. Leicester City's rise from the bottom on the Premier League is becoming the latter. From the start of the 2014-15 season to this point, 13 rounds into the campaign, the Foxes have played as title contenders do.

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