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I am a published freelance writer. A comma over-using, cat loving, coffee-addicted human. I have far too many hobbies and interests for a normal person, and there's no craft project I won't try and convince myself I could make (and sell.)
There's nothing I won't read, and no topic I won't write about.
I have been published on Thought Catalog and The Mighty.
I run my own advice column.

Private Client
Epoxy Resin Can Do It All

One of my more unusual assignments - a six hundred word blog, with a personal feel, that showcases what epoxy resin can do... with humor!

When the Child Becomes the Parent

I was 10 years old when I picked my mother up off the floor where she lay crying. Her and my dad had just gotten into a fight that would've woken the neighbors if we had any, but instead it woke me up long before it was time for me to get ready for school.

Being an "Old Soul" Is Trash

If you're anything like me, you've heard "you've got such an old soul" since you were old enough to hold a conversation. I used to carry that badge with honor-Look at me, I've got this old soul, older people like me, they talk to me, and I'm not just some kid to them.

Thought Catalog
5 Things You Should Know Before Talking About Your Mental Illness

While I've suffered from mental illness most of my life, I haven't always understood how important it is to really be heard by the people in my life. The idea of talking about what I go through never seemed to be an option, so for years I kept it to myself and powered through the rough patches.

Maybe Your Wife Should Move Out?

Remember when you had a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school that you hung out with on the weekends? Maybe you had the same lunch period and you held hands the whole time? Okay-how about dating like that again, except you're an adult with your own home and your own responsibilities, and you're involved in a long-term committed relationship or marriage?

The Mighty
Why 'Sick Person Safe Words' Could Help Communicate Your Health Struggles

How many people have you told about them? Does your spouse know what you're feeling? Your friends? Your parents? Or, have you fallen silent because you're tired of bitching about something every single day? Something I battle is deciding whether or not to open my mouth and talk about what I'm feeling or going through each day.

The Mighty
The Symptom of Chronic Illness No One Seems to Talk About

Being chronically ill comes with a lot of negative bullshit. Regardless of what you're sick with - you reap awful side effects and symptoms of whatever you're diagnosed with. Aside from everything you deal with on a daily basis, there's a symptom of chronic illness that no one really seems to talk about - guilt.

My Boyfriend Makes Me Prove That I'm Working Out

Today's post answers a question a woman has about her relationship with her boyfriend who has a laundry list of things he wishes she'd change. Hi Telltale Har! So I recently stumbled on your blog and I loved how honest you were with your responses.

Help! Telltale Har: I Can't Stop Provoking My Girlfriend

Question: Help! Telltale Har, I'm having an issue with my girlfriend. Well, I guess you could say I'm the issue. Here we go-I've been with my girlfriend for four years (we're both white cis lesbians if that matters). During this time she's never gotten mad.

Honest About Mental Illness

There's a certain strength that comes along with being honest about where you need to be met. I've not had much trouble throughout my life being open about my chronic physical illnesses. Most of the time, I've not had a choice in being straightforward about what I need and what my limits are, as feeling like total trash is often very hard to hide.

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