Hannah Thompson

Restaurants and hotels Reporter; freelance journalist

United Kingdom


Key work as Reporter for The Caterer (formerly Caterer and Hotelkeeper) - trade/B2B magazine

The Caterer
Ingredient spotlight: Norwegian salmon

The Norwegian seas are home to the country’s world-class salmon farming industry. Hannah Thompson braves a boat ride to discover more about the fish

The Caterer
Chef Jun Tanaka: A Minute on the Clock

Street Kitchen, the Airstream trailer-based street food partnership between former Pearl chef Jun Tanaka and Food Initiative chef Mark Jankel, has just launched its first permanent site in London’s Broadgate Circle. Tanaka talks to Hannah Thompson about the challenges of setting up shop

The Caterer (Caterer and Hotelkeeper)
Menuwatch - Chotto Matte, Soho

A whirlwind of flavour and colour, Chotto Matte offers the best of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, mixed with its own twist. Hannah Thompson reports Sitting a Japanese-trained chef down and asking him his opinions on Peru might not seem the most logical first step for a London restaurateur looking to open a new restaurant.

The Caterer
Minute on the clock: Cafe Mish

Hospitality design consultant and operations manager Gush Jutley talks to Hannah Thompson about his new gourmet, roasted-meat sandwich site in London’s Mayfair

The Caterer (Caterer and Hotelkeeper)
Breakthrough Business: The Stable

This family-run brand can be surmised in five words: West Country pizza and cider. But despite its chilled premise, it's growing fast, says Hannah Thompson WHAT IS IT? A small, family-run, West Country-based chain combining freshly-made sourdough pizza topped with locally-sourced ingredients, plus a tantalising array of ciders.

The Caterer (Caterer and Hotelkeeper)
Hospitality Action launches Employee Assistance Programme

The Employee Assistance Programme, just launched by Hospitality Action, is a lifeline to anyone working in hospitality who needs support, advice or a sympathetic ear. Hannah Thompson reports When things get tough, do you and your team know where to turn?

Freelance work

About Time Magazine
Eat Here: 5 Reasons to Visit L'Anima Cafe Today

London has a whole host of fantastic Italian restaurants and we think L'Anima Cafe is up there. Italian chef Francesco Mazzei of Liverpool Street's fantastic restaurant L'Anima , has just opened a younger, cooler sibling mere paces from the flagship original.

The Huffington Post UK
"Are YOU Beach Body Ready?" Oh, PLEASE. Why I Love Being Healthy AND I Hate This Ad

I was particularly affronted to be greeted with this monstrosity of an advert on my daily commute this morning. Funny, I thought I was just minding my own business in my usual spot on the London Underground Jubilee line platform. But NOPE, actually I should be PERMANENTLY stressing over whether my body is "beach ready".

The Huffington Post UK
My Boyfriend Is Disabled, So What?

The first time my boyfriend took his leg off for sex, it was a little weird. The next time, it wasn't really weird at all. Now, I honestly barely notice - or care ‒ that he has no foot from the left shin down (for which he wears a prosthetic leg).

Historical Honey
Tweets from beyond the grave

How one historian's research has brought a 16-year-old girl's diary back to life...exactly one hundred years to the day since it was first written. Twitter might fulfill many functions, but bringing people back to life isn't usually one of them.

Libertine Magazine
Bartitsu: the Victorian martial art where your umbrella is a weapon

It's November in London. You've got your keys, your wallet, your phone and your Oyster card. But what's missing? That's right - your umbrella. London may only get 650mm of rainfall a year compared to over 4000mm in Snowdonia, Wales, but you will certainly need it.

Interning and student work

Asia House, Festival of Asian Literature
Women, Freedom and the Islamic World

Review of panel talk event on Women, Freedom and the Islamic World, including Elif Shafak and Kamin Mohammadi