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Finding a fresh way to elicit an emotional response in a reader is my goal every time I sit down to create a new piece of content. In hockey, that could be anything from finding a heartwarming angle on a prospect profile to whipping up fans' ire by breaking down inconsistencies in their coach's system. In healthcare content, it usually looks like an empathy-arousing patient profile or an outline of just how that new piece of equipment the hospital purchased is going to benefit the community.

My passion drives my work, and I probably do my best work under the pressure of a deadline. I'd love for you to give me one.

2017-18 NHL Awards: Rookie edition

It's unfair that only one award is given to NHL rookies each year, and that it lumps all three positions into one pool of candidates. What makes a good forward doesn't make a good defenseman, and goaltenders are in a category all their own. There's room for more nuanced discussion.

NHL Draft Prospect Profile: Rasmus Dahlin

In the weeks leading up to the 2018 NHL Draft, theScore NHL prospect writer Hannah Stuart breaks down 10 of the most notable draft-eligible prospects. The first edition focuses on Rasmus Dahlin.

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Nashville Predators And PK Subban Embracing Non-traditional Status

Attending a Nashville Predators game can best be described as a combination of attending a college hockey game, going to a show at your favorite noisy honky-tonk, and spending your evening at a high school football game under the Friday night lights. "The atmosphere and experience of a Nashville Predators game doesn't begin when you...

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'Accountability' Is NHL's Favorite Word, But Often Misses Mark

Often, when leadership is discussed in the NHL, it's an intangible quality journalists like to throw around when debating the value of a player. It's not discussed nearly often enough in the context of the people who get paid to be leaders of their teams - the coaches.

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It's A Mistake To Write Off The 2017 NHL Draft Class

The 2017 NHL Draft class is weaker than previous years. That's a statement that's pretty easy to fact-check. Every major prospect pundit has said it at one time or another. ESPN's Corey Pronman even called it "one of the weakest of the post-2005 lockout era".

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