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Hannah Price

Hannah is an Editorial Assistant at BBC Three and BBC News, where she writes online features and investigations for digital current affairs.

Her previous bylines can be found in BBC Stories, The Guardian, Refinery 29, Elle, Stylist Magazine, the i, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, The Telegraph, The Metro and Times Higher Education.

Hannah has a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Bristol and was named Best Journalist in the South at the 2017 SPA Awards, alongside Best Publication and Best use of Digital Media during her time as Online Editor of Epigram.

Hannah has spoken publicly in a range of settings; expert conferences, panel events, EHRC, the House of Lords and live broadcast interviews (BBC, ITV, Sky News).

Her campaign journalism, Revolt Sexual Assault, has been featured internationally, including; Now This, Marie Claire Brazil, British Vogue. She tweets at @hanhanprice.


Exclusives and investigations

BBC Three
'The police said it wasn't rape it was rough sex' - BBC Three

BBC Three has spoken to young women who claim their rape cases never made it to court because of the so-called "rough sex" defence. The defence, which has been used in court to justify the death or injury of a person by claiming sex "went wrong", is set to be outlawed today in England and Wales.

BBC Three
Coronavirus: Youth homelessness on the rise - BBC Three

Centrepoint, a homeless charity supporting under-25s in England, has seen a 36% increase in people seeking support since lockdown began. The charity, and young people who spoke to the BBC, say that some councils are failing them during the Covid-19 crisis. "Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives," goes the slogan.

BBC News
'Revenge porn' lockdown surge hits helpline

The lockdown has caused a surge in the number of people contacting the Revenge Porn Helpline, the government-funded service for adults experiencing intimate image abuse. Traffic to the helpline's website nearly doubled in the week beginning Monday 23 March and more cases were opened in the following four weeks than in any previous four-week period.

BBC Three
LGBT and homeless: 'I was told to contact my abusive dad' - BBC Three

A BBC Three investigation has found that some local councils across England are asking young LGBT people who have been forced to leave home to obtain letters from their parents as "proof" that they're homeless. Saskia* was 15 when she perched on the edge of her parents' bed and told her mum, who was suffering from terminal cancer, that she wanted a sex change.

Why so many women want this contraceptive pill banned

Three years ago, 483 young women turned up to Tamworth's family planning clinic during a week in May - all demanding to be taken off their contraceptive pills. When it was her turn to reach the front desk, Yasmin* was asked why. "The pill just killed my best friend," she responded.


BBC Three
Black men: 'You just have to keep reliving the trauma' - BBC Three

11 days, 264 hours and 15,840 minutes after the video of George Floyd slowly suffocating went viral, Zeke logged onto his work network and posted in the forum. "We need to address this," he wrote. Zeke*, 26, had heard nothing internally or externally from his law firm about Black Lives Matter until he spoke out.

BBC Three
Salon owner: 'I'm busier now than when we were open' - BBC Three

When Sammyjo and her mum Bev were on their way to work on 19 March they listened to the radio like they did every morning. It was early morning, and the reporter was finishing up the news bulletins. "Stay home, stay safe," he said. They looked at each other and said, "What are we doing?"

BBC Three
Young offender: 'My mistake will haunt me for the rest of my life' - BBC Three

BBC Three takes an unflinching look into Hydebank, the young offenders' institution in Northern Ireland - revealing the sometimes harrowing personal stories of the inmates, what life is like in custody and how they are challenging the choices that led them there. The scars up the arms of young offenders tell part of their story.

BBC News
Stranded pair 'don't know' when they will return

Two Londoners who have been "stranded" in Argentina for three weeks say they still have "no idea" when they will be able to get home. Alisha Malhotra and Niraly Jadeja have been trapped in Córdoba since the country went into lockdown, and are relying on others for food and money.

BBC Three
GP appointments: The doctor seeing patients in chicken shops - BBC Three

N/A In BBC Three show The Unshockable Dr. Ronx, a doctor takes appointments out of the surgery in search of people who wouldn't normally see a GP. Hannah Price "I don't go to the GP anymore, I spent so long not being believed that now I feel like they just won't listen."

BBC Three
TikTok activism: 'We're changing the world in 15 seconds' - BBC Three

Why some teens are using short, shareable social media videos to deal with the big issues affecting them. Hannah Price "My uncle died due to knife crime in 2015... he was 19." "My brother's friend died as well a week ago :(" "I've been there too and I'm only 11...

BBC Three
'I was shot in the face six times and survived' - BBC Three

This article contains scenes that readers might find disturbing When I started school in Birmingham, the other kids had a lot of questions for me. "How did your face end up like that?" Thanks to my scars, what happened in Pakistan was something I couldn't hide. And it wasn't something I wanted to.

BBC Three
'I was addicted to drugs, now I'm addicted to running' - BBC Three

N/A Six ultramarathon runners from the UK and beyond share their reasons for running such gruelling distances Hannah Price & Sophie Haydock Think about running. What kind of images does it conjure up? A panting figure in lycra jogging round the block, or even the triumphant finishers at the London Marathon?

BBC Three
My ME and me: 'I don't remember what it's like to not be ill' - BBC Three

It's hard not to feel suffocated by the stale air and sterile, white ceilings of a hospital ward. The incessant beeping and patient grumbling provides a constant, miserable soundtrack as you wish you were literally anywhere else. When I was admitted to hospital in February, I was worried that everything I had worked so hard for was crumbling.

BBC Three
What is sexual harassment at work? - BBC Three

N/A How to tell when lines are crossed in the workplace Hannah Price Picture this - you've just started a job as the manager of a new bar. You're understandably a bit anxious about being the new boss, but a senior colleague seems more than happy to show you the ropes, and you don't think anything of it - why should you?

'I Wasn't Sacred Of An England Defeat, I Was Scared For My Life'

When the World Cup approaches, football fever quickly sweeps over the country. Anticipation fills the air, and pubs stock up for the influx of eager fans that will soon be spilling into the streets. Yet while the country waits with baited breath for a win, police officers across the UK prepare for an increase in domestic abuse.

What women 'banned' from your stadium want you to know about football

I adored football throughout primary school. I still remember my favourite boots clanging along pavements on my way to matches (bad etiquette I know), the bandana that I wore on match days, and the day I realised being the only girl on the team wasn't the norm.

BBC News
'I was raped as a student - and I'm not the only one'

When Hannah Price was sexually assaulted as a student, she felt unable to report it. She has since discovered she is far from alone - and that sexual assault may be far more common on campus than official figures suggest. I don't remember being taught about consent at school, other than "No means no."

British Vogue
Girl On A Mission: Hannah Price

Hannah Price is the founder of Revolt Sexual Assault. The now 24-year-old set up the campaign as a response to her own experience, having been raped at university by another student. Through this effort, Hannah's goal has continued to be to remove the stigma surrounding sexual assaults and harassments, while also prompting a national discussion about consent on our campuses.

BBC Three
All the times David Attenborough's Dynasties made us feel something - BBC Three

It's winter, the weather is miserable and the sofa is calling. So thank the nature gods that there's a new David Attenborough series to snuggle up to. Seriously, we could listen to that man talk about animals 24/7 - or just about any topic really (because is there anything he doesn't know?).

BBC Three
19 reasons to be cheerful in 2019 - BBC Three

N/A Don't let the 'B' word bring you down Hannah Price and Natalie Ktena We're officially one month into 2019 and we've got to admit it's been a little dampened by - brain, don't say it - er, yeah, politics (don't mention the 'B' word). But Dry Veganuary is finally over.

BBC Three
Which '90s film icon is joining the cast of Cuckoo? - BBC Three

N/A ...and eight other TV celeb sightings Hannah Price Almost 25 years since we were blessed with Richard Curtis's first romcom (Four Weddings And A Funeral), there's still nothing that the films he directed, wrote or co-wrote can't fix. Bad break-up? Bridget Jones. Summer blues? Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again.

BBC Three
The most oddly satisfying videos of 2018 - BBC Three

"Since we process so much text on social media and on our phones, the tactile, physical nature of watching people cut soap, squish slime, or even eat honeycomb adds a sense of physical reality to our online experience.


This University Handed Out Sexist Material To New Students

Despite the emergence of the #MeToo movement last year, university campuses in the UK were still rife with sexism and sexual violence. Facebook messages from Warwick students, revealed rape threats disguised as 'banter': "Sometimes it's fun to just go wild and rape 100 girls.", another read "[I] need to be stacked so I can hold the freshers down."

Meet The Woman Snapping Back At Student Sexual Assault

by Sophie Goddard | 06 09 2018 © Revolt Sexual Assault This month sees students around the UK eagerly trundling off for new terms at university, many for the very first time. But as well as fun-packed freshers' weeks, socials and lectures, there's another experience many are unwittingly signing up for - sexual violence.

BBC News
My revolt against student sexual assault

When Hannah Price was sexually assaulted as a student, she felt unable to report it. She has since discovered she is far from alone - and that sexual assault may be far more common on campus than official figures suggest. I don't remember being taught about consent at school, other than "No means no."

BuzzFeed Community
Nurse Distracted This Distressed Patient With Her Own Tinder

Jordyn Smith, a 21 year-old student at West Virginia University, was admitted to the Emergency Room for a kidney infection. Alone, scared and crying, Jordyn found herself seeking comfort from her nurse. The next day a tweet describing her experience went viral, across the world, with over 54,000 retweets, 430,000 likes and countless replies.

It's Not Accused Rapists On Trial, It's Women

I was raped and chose not to report it. "Why didn't I go to the police?" is the question that gets thrown most at me. After recent high-profile rape trials, my response is: "Why would I go to the police?" Ireland and Spain have recently seen high-profile sexual assault and rape trials.

the Guardian
I didn't tell anyone I was raped at university. I'm not alone

Too many sexual assaults go unreported on campus. I set up my campaign #RevoltSexualAssault to give survivors a voice When I was a student, I was pressured into having sex. Like many others, when it happened I believed the entire experience was my fault and wasn't serious enough to share.

ITV News
Shocking scale of sexual violence at universities exposed

Almost two-thirds of students and graduates at British universities have experienced sexual violence, shocking new figures have revealed. In research exposing the full scale of the problem for the first time, campaign group Revolt Sexual Assault and The Student Room found that 62% had suffered sexual assault or harassment or both while studying.

62% Of Students Have Been Sexually Assaulted At University & I Was One Of Them

Feeling uncomfortable was just a part of student life that I had accepted, even if it was annoying. But when such a culture is left to fester,things can get dangerous. Almost two thirds (62%) of students and graduates have experienced sexual violence. A third of students (31%) felt pressured into doing something sexual.

Times Higher Education (THE)
Sexual assault at universities: #itsrevolting

While at university, I and many of my friends were sexually assaulted on a regular basis. This can be a tough statement to accept for some people, but virtually every woman (and some men, too) can unfortunately confirm that it is true.

ProtectED Code of Practice
ProtectED Code of Practice

ProtectED is the 'gold standard' for assessing the work done by universities to ensure their students' safety, security and wellbeing.
Hannah Price: University and ME

I went from being outgoing, sporty and social to not being able to sit up for more than minutes at a time. On the days I was at my best, the excitement would be getting to go downstairs for an hour or two, although getting me back up them would have been a struggle without my brother.
April Fools' Day 2015: the best education pranks

Pupils at Shiplake College, Oxfordshire - an independent day and boarding school - were encouraged to sign up to a new A-level in Circus Skills, which the college claimed would "nurture an exciting blend of creative, academic and interpersonal skills".
QUIZ: how well do you know your GCSE history?

The change comes following a drop in the numbers of students taking history at GCSE; it emerged in 2012 that 40 schools shunned the subject altogether. It is hoped that the new specification will be more accessible to teachers, students and parents alike.

Media appearances

Revolt Sexual Assault

Our founder Hannah Price talking about our campaign, the shocking but not surprising results from our report, and the real change needed - on BBC News yesterday. We need the government to acknowledge...

Revolt Sexual Assault

Our founder Hannah Price was invited onto BBC News' #AfternoonLive yesterday to discuss the campaign, and raise awareness of sexual assault. Thanks to Simon McCoy for a great and thoughtful interview...

ITV News
University students reveal true extent of sexual assaults

The true extent of sexual assault suffered by university students has been uncovered by a group of women in Bristol. Student journalist Hannah Price put a request out for people's experiences after noticing that sexual assault had become the "new normal" and she was inundated with students wanting to share their stories.

The Irish Times
The Women's Podcast | The Irish Times

The Irish Times Women's Podcast is presented by Kathy Sheridan. The podcast is produced by Róisín Ingle and Jennifer Ryan. You can subscribe to the show or download individual episodes via Soundcloud, iTunes and Stitcher.

Public speaking

Consent Matters: millennial voices changing the narrative #ItsRevolting

Revolt Sexual Assault is hosting its official launch event in London on why consent matters & how millennials are changing the narrative. We would love for you to join us. During the evening we'll be hearing from young activists, in short TEDx style talks, who will amaze you with the inspiring work already going on in this area.

Shape History

Our event on feminist campaigning in the digital age featured talks from Amnesty International, Revolt Sexual Assault, English Collective of Prostitutes & WILPF UK. Thanks to everyone who made it...

How to build a successful feminist online campaign - Splash

Shape History is hosting an exclusive event in London on feminist campaigning in the digital age and we would love for you to join us.During the evening we'll be inviting a range of inspiring women's rights campaigners who have empowered global change, to showcase their campaign process from inception to end result, in a series of short TEDx style talks.

Student journalism

Bristol students #RevoltAgainstSexualAssault using Snapchat

Our Online Editor Hannah Price carried out a Snapchat project that spotlights the sexual abuse, sexual harassment and sexism that lurks beneath the surface of university life Trigger Warning: This post contains detailed information about sexual assault that some readers may find disturbing. We live in a generation where morphing

11 things that make you a Bristol grad

Following graduation we reflect upon the ways that Bristol has prepared our graduates for the real world. Graduating from the University of Bristol is a big deal. After years of studying and hard work you have finally put on that gown (not a cap but hey ho), got the photograph

Uni spends £205,000 on disgusting and insensitive campaign

The University of Bristol launched a marketing campaign urging students to 'come to the edge', despite serious concerns about the mental health connotations being raised both before and after its launch. The campaign was launched four days after a third student suicide within a month. The University only began to

Facebook 'scams'; have you been hit?

Are all the Freshers' pages floating around Facebook legit? Hannah Price investigates. Over the last few months, weird and wacky events have dominated Facebook. From University town Colour Runs to Total Wipeout style obstacle courses. Vast numbers of students showed their interest by clicking 'attending', which has likely made them

Review: Philomena

Martin Sixsmith, played by Steve Coogan, is a political journalist, who comes across Philomena's story by chance at a party. Although Sixsmith is not particularly drawn in by the story initially, upon meeting the Irish Catholic he is won round by the endearing woman and her fifty year old

Hannah's ∞
Things we all say at the start of a new term

So here's a blog post about my blog post, because I couldn't be more excited to share my first piece for the Telegraph, you can read it here. Think it's safe to say I've broken all of these this term ooooops...

Bristol tops league table thanks to pricey gym

Students are often complaining about the price of sport at Bristol University. Online Editor Hannah Price investigates how much you really are paying compared to other institutions around the country. 800 children, from 10 schools, dominating Coombe Dingle today! Fabulous event delivered by an army of @BristolUni students #WeAreBristol pic.

Revolt Sexual Assault coverage

Germaine Greer says rape is 'just bad sex'. Here's why she's wrong.

Writer and feminist Germaine Greer has caused outrage by claiming that rape is 'just bad sex' and that rapists shouldn't be jailed. Speaking at The Hay Festival in Wales, 79-year-old Greer sparked an angry backlash when she claimed that rape 'is not a particularly violent crime'.

7 Inspiring Female-Led Instagram Accounts To Check Out Right Now

From changing the law to changing mindsets, Instagram can be a place for women to power up their movements and create change. Through illustration, design and photography we have selected our favourite seven examples from the past week of the campaigns you need to be following RN.

These Sexual Assault Victims Say Bristol University Must Do More To Support Students

In less than two years Bristol University has seen a spate of suicides and a student-led campaign exposing the shocking extent of sexual assault, and performed a spectacular U-turn on planned cuts to student support services. Now it's overhauling its pastoral system, but victims of sexual violence say the plans won't include the specialist staff they need.

Moving Past #MeToo: How a Hashtag Can Create Real Change Offline

When Tarana Burke first set up the #MeToo movement in 2006, she never envisaged it would take off the way it did - albeit some ten years later. The 44-year-old single mother had started using the term at the same time as she'd set up a charity to help survivors of sexual violence, but when it became a global sensation, the first thing she thought was panic.

The Pool
Students are sharing their stories of sexual assault on Snapchat

Students at Bristol University are using Snapchat to share their stories of sexual assault. Using the hashtag #RevoltAgainstSexualAssault, 10 women have broadcast videos on the platform to raise awareness of rape and sexual assault at university. One woman told of how, after a night out, she walked a drunk friend home, before he raped her.

Students Are Using Snapchat To Share Their Experiences Of Sexual Assault

by Jazmin Kopotsha | 19 05 2017 News of sexual assault at British universities is, sadly, not uncommon. And even when it's not spoken about there's an unspoken, tacit and underlying understanding that it's 'just something that happens to people in that environment'. Needless to say, that in itself is a huge problem.

Bristol Post
Snapchat campaign shows student sexual assault victims speak out

Women studying at Bristol University who have been sexually assaulted have bravely spoken about their experiences for a campaign encouraging victims to speak out. They told their stories through Snapchat as part of the #RevoltAgainstSexualAssault project by Epigram, the University of Bristol's independent student newspaper.

The Independent
These female students are using Snapchat to campaign against sexual assault

Female students at the University of Bristol are using Snapchat to share their stories of sexual assault and harassment in a bid to raise awareness of the topic. Led by 23-year-old Hannah Price, who is Online Editor of the student paper, Epigram, the video aims to show just how widespread the problem is.

Evening Standard
Snapchat sex assault campaign to launch at London universities

Students in London have been invited to share their experiences of sexual assault on Snapchat, as an online campaign is officially launched on Monday. Founded by a former student, Revolt Sexual Assault is an online campaign inviting young women to share their stories of sexual assault and harassment.

SheThePeople TV
UK Univ Students Use Snapchat To Share Stories Of Sexual Assault

Students at the University of Bristol have been using a #RevoltAgainstSexualAssault Snapchat campaign to speak about their experiences of sexual assault. The campaign was started by Hannah Price, online editor of the university's paper, 'Epigram'. She was inspired by two rape victims in India who used Snapchat to tell their stories.

The Sun
Sexual assault victims from a top UK uni have shared their stories

SEXUAL assault victims at one of Britain's top universities have bravely spoken out about their experiences. The brave victims opened up in a selection of moving videos which were shared via social media app Snapchat. The social media platform allows users to share videos that "time out" after a certain amount of time - so they can be made only temporarily accessible.

The Times
Video diaries of top university's rape victims

Sexual assault victims at a leading university have spoken about their experiences in videos on social media. Students at Bristol University used Snapchat, which allows users to post temporarily accessible videos, often using filters and emojis, for a video called #RevoltAgainstSexualAssault. Many of the ten women involved covered their faces with the emojis.

Bristol 24/7
Bristol student leads fight against sexual assault

A Bristol student has found a new use for Snapchat - the social media app, popular with young people, that displays pictures for a short period of time. Hannah Price's campaign #RevoltAgainstSexualAssault harnesses Snapchat's filters to encourage students to voice their experiences of sexual assault, while maintaining a masked identity.

The Mirror
Brave sexual assault victims speak out about rape culture at university

Sexual assault victims have revealed how they were attacked by people they loved or those who told them it "wasn't rape" in a series of frank interviews. One told how she'd been raped three times since starting at Bristol University. "Every time it's happened, it's been someone that I know, I liked or I loved," she said into the camera.

Mail Online
Bristol University students reveal campus sex attacks

The #RevoltAgainstSexualAssault saw students record the clips using Snapchat They revealed shocking episodes of sexual assault and rape One told how she had been raped three times since starting at the university Project leader Hannah Price, 23, released the videos on the app over 24 hours The women all consented to being featured in videos describing their ordeals Sexual assault victims at one of Britain's top universities have bravely spoken out about their experiences in moving videos over...

ITV News
University students reveal true extent of sexual assaults

The true extent of sexual assault suffered by university students has been uncovered by a group of women in Bristol. Student journalist Hannah Price put a request out for people's experiences after noticing that sexual assault had become the "new normal" and she was inundated with students wanting to share their stories.

Students Are Using Snapchat To Share Their Experiences Of Sexual Assault

by Jazmin Kopotsha | 19 05 2017 News of sexual assault at British universities is, sadly, not uncommon. And even when it's not spoken about there's an unspoken, tacit and underlying understanding that it's 'just something that happens to people in that environment'. Needless to say, that in itself is a huge problem.

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