Hannah O'Neill

Freelance Writer

United Kingdom

When it comes to writing, Hannah O'Neill is a Jane of all trades. Embracing her love of diversity, she writes in a range of niches - except cryptocurrency and high-tech. Hannah spends her free time writing about true crime, unsolved mysteries, and drinking way too much coffee.

Qualifications Include:

- HubSpot Inbound Marketing
- HubSpot Content Marketing
- Google Marketing Fundamentals
- Google Analytics



12 Movies All Women Must Watch In Their Lifetime!

Since the early 1900s, people have turned to the big screen for entertainment. From silent movies to the Golden Age and today's CGI boosted films, Hollywood offers us a way to escape from our daily life. Some films inspire us, teach us a life lesson or provide us with some comedy in times of despair.

Books Everybody Should Read Once!

Books aren't just for entertainment, they can change your life. Words are a powerful weapon, and some novels change sociological perceptions. We all know that life hasn't been easy for women, and these books offer wisdom, inspiration, and valuable life lessons. These books should be at the top of your reading list.

Five Fabulous Females Smashing 2019

In recent years we've seen a surge of powerful women dominating the boardroom, big screen, and politics. There's no doubt that women are respected now more than ever, and young girls everywhere can take inspiration from a range of powerful women. Females are directing movies, changing people's perceptions and making waves within the sporting world.

Relationship Types: Which is Right For You?

There was once a time when relationships were a precursor to marriage. Years ago, people chose a partner based on practicality and not on the connection they shared. However, as times changed and women left the home to start their own careers, we've seen a shift in relationships and the concept of monogamy.

Long-Distance Relationships - How To Make Them Work?

Sometimes you meet a person, and the connection you have with them means nothing else matters, right? While most individuals refuse to entertain the idea of a long-distance relationship, others embrace them. However, is it ever going to work? Technology such as Skype, Facebook, and What's App mean it's easier than ever to keep in [...]

Business & Finance

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The Biggest Challenges When Starting a Business

People say, when you have your mind and heart set at something, there is nothing can distract you from achieving your goal. However, when you #startabusiness, the circumstances are a little different, and the stakes a lot higher. There are several reasons you might want to #becomeselfemployed.

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Top 4 Tips to Choose a Business Name

What's in a name? Everything! Your business identity is what sets you apart from others and lets people know who you are. It isn't easy to choose a business name, but I've got some tips to help you choose a catchy name that represents what you do.

Hannah ONeill Virtual Services
How to Say No To Your Boss < Hannah ONeill Virtual Services

Building a career is harder now than ever. We live in an age where to succeed; we have to be available at all hours. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops mean employers can contact their team whenever they want and need to. This "always on" lifestyle is great for your boss, but it really sucks for you.