Hannah Magnusson

Junior Copywriter, IKEA Communications AB

Location icon Sweden

Curious and always looking for a good challenge. Social media expert and a lover of art and words. Formerly a contributing blogger and creative, today a Copywriter for IKEA.



Discover the possibilities of VALJE wall cabinet

Our new series of wall cabinets, VALJE, offers you limitless storage and display solutions, making it easy to use accross the home. Available in different sizes and colours, you can combine VALJE wall cabinet with or without doors or drawers, using one cube by itself or combining several together.

IKEA Stories - YouTube

Game-changers. Time-savers. Life-improvers. They're all stories about IKEA products. Follow us to sneak a peek behind the scenes of how some of our favourite...

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StreetRacer Productions
Sundays with City of the Sun

I don't know about you, but to the SRP team, Sundays can have the most creative vibe to them, or they turn out to be dull days that never seem to end. To keep the beat going, this Sunday we are tuning into City of the Sun - three guys turning acoustic instrumentals into mesmerizing and...

StreetRacer Productions
Made in Sweden

He's worked with some of the big names: Drake, Trey Songz and The Weeknd. Sweden might have Avicii and H&M, but we're still waiting for their next big rapper. Rebin "Rebstar" Shah, a apart of the Today is Vintage team in Malmo, Sweden just recently dropped his latest music video: "Thing About You".

StreetRacer Productions
Let the Games Begin

The last week of September is here and we have begun taking submissions for Born to Create! Every week artists, painters, photographers, musicians, or producers will have the chance to submit their art to us via email and tell us a story about themselves.

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