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Well-traveled writer who loves the fast paced television industry, coffee and making strong first impressions with everything she creates.

Copywriting, Blogging, Social Media, Television Comedy.

Target; JCPenney; Social Media For Rikki Millbank + Pauly Shore; The Agency
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The Agency
The Agency Hosts Lounge At The Event Fundraiser In Calabasas - The Agency

May. 26, 2016 The Agency was thrilled to participate in The Event, an annual fundraiser held May 21 in support of the Las Virgenes Unified School District and its education foundation, The Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools. To date, the foundation has donated over one million dollars to manage class size and strengthen the counseling programs at all 16 schools in the district.

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Ryan Gosling Isn't THAT Good Looking

I need you to understand where I'm coming from with such a bold statement. Gosling is adorable, sure. When he takes off his shirt- WHOA MAMA! Who wouldn't be in to that? Well maybe a blind person wouldn't be. They'd be all like, "I can't see. I don't know. Go away.

Ladies Love Sports
#WTFWednesdays- Tom Brady Will Always Have More Money Than You

Selfishly wanting to be insurmountably wealthy is a first world issue. By default, our entire sheltered American lives are controlled by how much money we have made, how much we are currently making, and how much we will make in the future. I could say that this bothers me, and it does, but I would...

Ladies Love Sports
#WTF Wednesdays- 2020 Olympics Quit On Wrestling

As a young girl, my only two sports dreams were to grow up to either be a.) a gymnast, or b.) a WNBA player. As a gymnast, it's typical that one shouldn't be more than 5'4" by adulthood (and that's pretty tall for a girl by gymnast standards).