Hannah Deuce

United Kingdom

My name is Hannah, I am a driven and communicative Masters graduate from the University of London, working to build a career in Editing, Publishing and Copywriting.

I possess professional experience working in Editorial and Marketing in addition to PR, so am able to create copy across a variety of genres including B2B and B2C publications. I most frequently write for publication across different digital platforms representing brands and clients in addition to more journalistically orientated pieces. I possess training in sales writing and am able to adapt my written tone accordingly for a piece, depending on factors such as client, industry sector and purpose of a piece.

In my current position, working for a men's luxury lifestyle digital magazine I write, edit and upload content, covering different genres such as product promotions, reviews and celebrity interviews. In addition, I manage all social media channels, website maintenance, brand representation at events and updating of existing content.


Celebrity Interviews

The Grooming Guide
Jamie Jewitt

'In modern society men and women are required to look a certain way... I believe that everyone should do what makes them happy!' Jamie Jewitt's relationship with grooming is more than skin deep!

The Grooming Guide
Simon Clark

Now entering his sixth year with Montblanc fragrances, British model Simon Clark's image has become a definitive aspect of this brand. Despite his striking appearance, minimalist elegance and magnetic presence he somehow maintains a casual attitude, think approachable icon.

Reviews and Products

The Grooming Guide
The Landmark London - Deep Tissue Massage

Sometimes, in the bustling madness that is London, we all need to take a moment to step back and relax, every king needs his oasis of calm. But, is it really possible to find such escapism within the bounds of the nations capital?

The Grooming Guide
Buly 1803 - Creme Pogonotomienne Shaving Cream

With the worst of winter finally seeming to be over, we can now turn our attention to spring with greater confidence in the better weather to come. So, is it time to shed that winter beard in favour of a fresh spring shave?

Academic Writing

Blog Content

Liza Beth
Early Morning Workout Hacks

We all know the feeling, when the alarm goes off and cuts into your head, causing us to begin an early morning routine of hitting snooze, rolling over and moaning before deciding to skip that early morning gym session in favour of some extra Zzzz.

Hannah In London
What is Success?

When I wake up and check my Instagram feed like its the morning new paper, I find myself bombarded with posts of inspiration, quotes about success and #girlbossess who are #blessed with their #goalsaf lives. This is the first thing that hits my brain and thousands of others every morning even before the coffee kicks in, yet does...

Hannah In London
Refugee Olympic Team - The Definition of Inspiration

Lets admit it, there are some days where even the mere thought of dragging our bodies out of bed in the morning makes us groan and want to shrink back under the covers. Everyone has those days. But for some people, 'not today' is simply not an option, and those individuals are an inspiration to us all.