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Hannah Brechka, Ph.D.

Science Communicator

Location icon United Kingdom

I am looking for a position where I can use my expertise in cancer biology and science writing to cultivate science literacy. I plan to apply these skills in the pharmaceutical industry in order to create accurate, accessible, and compelling content which will make positive impacts on people's health and well-being.

AWIS Chicago

Dr. Victoria Prince's résumé is stacked with her prestigious accomplishments. Dean and Director of the Office of Graduate Affairs, Professor in the Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy at the University of Chicago, post-doctoral fellowships at Princeton University and Guy's Hospital in London. The list goes on!

Science Life
A Funny Fish Feeding Finding: Largemouth Bass Eat with Their Backs

When a largemouth bass spies a tiny, edible fish, he opens his mouth wide and sucks his prey into gaping jaws. You'd think that the fish's mouth would be the most important part of creating that powerful suction, right? Nope. It's their back muscles that power their feeding.

Science Life
Seaweed State of the Union

A University of Chicago researcher has discovered that the type of carbon that seaweeds harness can impact the structure of ecological communities within coastal zones, a finding with wide implications-seaweeds could act as a barometer to measure how healthy coastal ecosystems are affected by climate change, and in particular ocean acidification.

Science Life
Improving the allocation of biomedical research resources with big data

A new computational method developed by a team led by Andrey Rzhetsky, PhD, measures disparities between resources dedicated to a disease and its relative burden on society, providing an unbiased, data-driven framework to help scientific and political communities assess resource investment and identify unmet medical needs.

Science Life
Of Meis and Men in the Middle

Editor's note: ScienceLife welcomes Hannah Brechka, graduate student in the Committee on Cancer Biology, who joins the team as a science communications intern through myCHOICE, a program that helps broaden experiences in scientific training at the University of Chicago.

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