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United States

As a highly skilled and enthusiastic copywriter, I love creating top-quality digital experiences for users. With a proven track record spanning 6 years, I possess the expertise to distill complex ideas into comprehensive and compelling copy across various mediums, including B2B and B2C emails, blogs, one-sheeters, beamers, social media, and more.

My dedication to crafting engaging content sets me apart, ensuring that each project resonates with the target audience and achieves its objectives effectively.

*Please consider this is not a comprehensive list of my work*


Short-Form Copywriting Examples (B2B & B2C)

Breakout Games
BREAKOUT Games (Web - B2C)

Play the top Lexington escape rooms. For 60 minutes, experience 5-star immersive entertainment with friends and family, escape normal life, and be the hero of the story.

Viator Agent Resource Center
Reaching your clients in-destination (Web - B2B)

When arriving to a destination, many travelers who have not pre-booked activities begin to research a variety of different experiences to make the most of their vacation.

Long-Form Copywriting Examples (B2B & B2C)

East Coast Appliance
Can I Put Wax Paper in the Oven? + Other Oven Questions (Blog - B2C)

To know how to best care for your oven and your home, you need to know a few ground rules when it comes to baking, broiling, and making dinner. We've all been there; as a teenager, venturing into bravery and deciding to make out first meal while no one's home.

Hello Furniture & Mattress
Modern Farmhouse: Dining Room Ideas & Style Guide (Blog - B2C)

Modern farmhouse homes are one of the most sought-after interior design plans on the market. To begin your trek into this artful form, let's start with the dining room - the room where family and friends gather around.

Social Media Copywriting

Minimalist Modern.

Attractive designs and quality materials come together in this Minimalist Modern custom home.

Vintage, Historic Homes - Buro Homes

Getting to stage vintage, historic houses are game-changers. It’s so fun searching through local second-hand stores to find the perfect decor for each room.

Heller Built - Instagram Home

We design and build high-end custom homes, carrying on a multigenerational commitment to creative design and forward-thinking construction.


99.999% of Americans cannot figure this out. Well, maybe that’s because most Americans haven’t seen it...

Articles: The Borgen Project

The Borgen Project
Emerging Social Activists from Around the World - The Borgen Project

There are many people around the globe who are standing up and advocating for themselves and the human rights of the people around them. Whether their countries allow them to speak freely about their oppression or try to silence them, these social activists are making an impact.

The Borgen Project
2019 Indian Elections & Regional Disparity - The Borgen Project

The 2019 elections in India represent the largest displays of democracy around the world. Because of the number of eligible constituents, more than seven phases of the election took place throughout the country. The same rules that apply in America apply in India; you have to be at least 18 years old and register to vote.

The Borgen Project
Top 5 Women Activists in Developing Countries - The Borgen Project

There are many reasons for people around the world to use their voices and advocate for social equality. Here is a list of five women activists in developing countries. Top 5 Women Activists in Developing Countries Kriti Bharti The founder of theGirls Not Brides movement in Rajasthan, northern India, Kriti Bharti prevented over 900 child marriages.