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Writing, reporting, policy, dog stuff.

Curious gadabout, in Seattle by way of Oregon.
Smitten with a small dog and a well-crafted sentence.

I'm a freelance writer and reporter. I write about poverty and access, Seattle-area politics, sports, A&E,
health and beauty, lady issues, and basically anything that interests me.

Get at me. We'll probably be fast friends.

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GOOD Magazine

In The Land Of Bill Gates, A Standoff Over Money For Schools

Zachary Warren spends a lot of his time thinking about chairs. Desk chairs, to be more specific. Though there's a range of chair sizes in the classroom where he's taught for...

Pacific Standard

Why Do Most Orca Pregnancies End in Miscarriage? Look Upstream.

Writing in 1916, conservationist John Muir noted that "there is not a 'fragment' in all nature, for every relative fragment of one thing is a full harmonious unit in itself." A...

Democracy Journal

Seattle's Creative Campaign Finance Reform

During the 2017 election cycle, which included races for City Council, school board, and the Mayor, the City of Seattle sent every registered voter-442,316 people in total-four...

The Establishment

Single-Payer Health Care Must Come With Reproductive Coverage

If a single-payer plan doesn't protect abortion, we cannot call it universal. I n the wake of the GOP's recent and unflagging attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act -  an...

The Nation

For Female Football Players, It's Pay to Play (and Pray Someone Sees)

On a drizzling day last winter, Rebecca Samuelson drove from her job at Redfin, a technology startup in Seattle, about an hour south to a high-school football field in the city...


America is for the rich: How we became a nation of "have nots"

This article originally appeared on The Daily Dot. After the #BlackMonday panic sent westward shockwaves last week, the stock market seems to be rebounding even further...


If Body Positivity Makes You Feel Worse, You're Not Alone

My body and I have had a tense relationship. But we're working on it! And part of that ~bonding process~ includes accepting it for what it is and not what I think it could be if...

The Atlantic

Homelessness and the Impossibility of a Good Night's Sleep

Sleeplessness contributes, popular science preaches, to obesity, diabetes, poor diet, and unproductiveness. And yet, even those of us who should have no problem logging a solid...


Washington's Cannabis Law Is an Obstacle to Equity. It Doesn't Have to Be. | Leafly

Hanna Brooks Olsen is a writer and policy consultant living in Seattle. Her work has appeared in the Atlantic, the Nation, Salon, GOOD, HuffPost, Everyday Feminism, Bitch...

Seattle Weekly

Welcome to the Bliss Jungle | Seattle Weekly

Illustration by Joshua Boulet There's a dead end street in Shoreline with a construction site at the end. Like a lot of plots in the area, contractors are working to replace the...

Extra Crispy

The Double Bind of Free School Breakfast

Getting up before 8:00 a.m. wasn't something that came easily for my mom, so many mornings between kindergarten and the third grade, my older brother and woke to our own alarms,...

The Shocker

STEVE BANNON WEEK: Closing Time with Steve Bannon

I worked behind a bar long enough to know the difference between the fun ones and the mean ones. It's something in their posture-shoulders, elbows, the cock of the head-but...


Happy 42nd Birthday to the Quiet Hero of the American Household

My mother's pocketbook was always massive. In addition to carrying checks, it was also stuffed with receipts, change, and numerous forms of payment for groceries. Specifically,...

Everyday Feminism

4 Critical Reasons Why Unions Are a Feminist Issue - Everyday Feminism

The decline is due to a variety of factors (including anti-union policies, trade agreements, and the decline of the manufacturing industry, among other things) and has impacted...


Why women smile at men who sexually harass us.

She does it because she has to ... but she just shouldn't have to.


The Etiquette of Purchasing Pot

Despite the apocalyptic warnings of anti-legalization activists and organizations, in the almost three years since Washington voters opted to decriminalize the sale of...

Seattle Met

There's Always Room on the Bandwagon

The Ultimate 12th Man Guide I'm a fan and you're a fan. Can we stop fighting and hate the 49ers together?


Service Work Is Skilled Work. Get Over It. - Plz Pay Up

Factory jobs are gone. Barista jobs are here to stay. It's time to recognize that and pay people accordingly.

The Billfold

One Little Way The Tax Code Sucks For Student Loan Borrowers - The Billfold

Student debt is a hot issue—but what if we could help millions of students with their loans just by changing the tax code?