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Halle Marr, a senior communication major, seeks opportunities in writing, reporting, photography, video editing and ministry, with dreams of inspiring people to reach their fullest potential. Marr likes long runs in the pouring rain.

Royal Report
What do you want to change?

Thoughts From The Bubble (TFTB) is a video series done by the Royal Report at Bethel University. The bubble represents the christian community which is unique to Bethel. Students at the university share their thoughts each episode. In this video, students answer the question, "what do you want to change?"

Two Wings to Fly
Back No More

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's College of Journalism and Mass Communications sends student photojournalists to cover international poverty twice a year. For three weeks in winter 2013-14, 13 of them worked stories in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. In fall 2014, Bethel University students designed the magazine and edited the stories and photos. Marr worked on Pages 46-55.

Royal Report
Editor starts day at 6 a.m.

Managing Editor Digital Sports Editor Howard Sinker is a prime example of someone who has discovered how to take what he loves and make a living out of it.

Royal Report
Interview Project with video: Josh Ochoa

After spending much time involved at summer camps, Josh Ochoa was introduced to Gospel mime, a visual representation of the Gospel. After God gave him this vision, he brought the program to Bethel University. He explains his personal struggles and mission in this short video.

Royal Report
Trapped in Tanzania

Annika Halverson shares her story about how running is more than just a sport, it is a freedom and a privilege that she hasn't always been able to enjoy freely.

Halle Marr
Rethinking Singleness

Do we forget that God is love? So many sermons are about marriage and relationships. Where are the single people preaching about how awesome it is to be fully in love with God, yet single?

Halle Marr
How Are You, Really?

How are you? Let me guess. "Good?" Well, what if you're not good? Are you going to say it? When we ask people how they're doing, are we prepared for them to say something other than good? Lately I've been bothered by how we don't even take the time to really answer this question.

Halle Marr
Living In The Grey

Life is full of overwhelming decisions and feelings of little to no direction. Opportunities are endless, dreams are big, but what are we supposed to do? Sometimes, it seems like life gets stuck in the grey. I've spent much time wishing that everything in my life was more black and white.

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