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Haley Weiss

Staff Writer, 34th Street Magazine | Editorial Intern, Philadelphia Magazine

University of Pennsylvania - Class of 2018

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34th Street Magazine

34th Street Magazine
Stripped Down: Inside Penn's Neighborhood Strip Club

It’s still light outside at 3 p.m., but Atlantis is dark and windowless. At 38th and Chestnut, the club is less than two blocks from Penn’s campus, and less than one from Hamilton Court. So it may only be natural that some students possess a sort of voyeuristic fascination with Atlantis.

Other Published Work

The Pennsylvania Gazette
Beyond Granola

Mobility is one of the greatest joys of a backcountry excursion, which is why many backpackers share a specific mentality when it comes to nourishment on the trail: Food is fuel.

Penn Appetit
Trail Food: Noshing in Nature

You've got a tiring day ahead - ten miles of trail, lots of uphill, a couple of stream crossings. Tonight's campfire and dinner seem a long, hungry hike away

University of Pennsylvania Journalistic Writing Minor

Profile of Kate Jacoby

“I see myself as a sort of...vegan translator”, laughs Jacoby. In fitted black pants, spotless pull-on Keds, and a sturdy bun that crisply holds all but the edges of her blond hair from obscuring her angular features, Jacoby oozes an approachable professionalism. Because of this confidence, in her years of world travel, Philadelphia’s undisputed empress of vegan cuisine has yet to find a dish too intimidating to recreate sans animal products.

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