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Hailey Dixon


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I am the city reporter at The Mercury newspaper in Manhattan, Kansas.

I have reported and edited at the following newspapers: Lincoln Sentinel, The Topeka Capital-Journal, The University Daily Kansan, Deseret News and The Miami County Republic.

I specialize in writing and editing topics such as breaking news, general news, sports, features, arts and enterprise stories. I have covered several beats including social justice and Student Senate at the University of Kansas, among others. I am also comfortable with several multimedia forms, including photography, graphic design, video and social media.


The Topeka Capital-Journal

The Topeka Capital-Journal
'Unconscionable': Spouses vulnerable to sexual abuse under Kansas law

Michelle McCormick has a first-hand understanding of the physical abuse, coercive control and sexual violence that occurs within some marriages.McCormick, program director at the YWCA Center for Safety and Empowerment in Topeka, has worked with individuals who have suffered sexual battery at the hands of their spouse, which is a growing problem across the country.

The Topeka Capital-Journal
'It's long overdue': Kansans urge Senate to expand Medicaid in Statehouse lawn demonstration

Lawmakers were greeted after a three-week break Wednesday with large banners and posters held by Kansans pledging their support for Medicaid expansion.Topeka resident Kevin Siek, along with several other supporters, arrived at the Statehouse to voice his demands to expand Medicaid coverage, known in Kansas as KanCare, to 130,000 low-income adults and children."They need to listen to the voice of the people and do the right thing for a change," Siek said.

The Topeka Capital-Journal
Kansas seniors take concerns to Statehouse

Senior citizens visited the Statehouse this week to raise concerns about transportation issues and the lack of medical services in their communities.Various agencies on aging joined the seniors to bring awareness and visibility to the problems in rural and urban Kansas.Paula Hladky, of Perry, pointed to the lack of services within the Jefferson County town.

The Topeka Capital-Journal
'Catalyst for change': LGBTQ advocate Stephanie Mott honored at Statehouse service

LGBTQ activist Stephanie Mott was fondly remembered at a memorial service Wednesday as an angelic trailblazer and beloved friend."She is, and will always be, my better angel," said Thomas Witt, executive director of Equality Kansas.Mott, 61, was a transgender woman who paved the way toward equal rights for the LGBTQ community in Kansas.

The Topeka Capital-Journal
Kansas House considers replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day

Native American men and women spoke Wednesday in support of a Kansas House bill abolishing Columbus Day and replacing the holiday with statewide recognition of Indigenous People's Day.Members of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee were presented testimony at the Capitol in favor of House Bill 2009, which aims to honor Kansas indigenous people and their heritage.

The University Daily Kansan

The University Daily Kansan
KU cheerleader makes USA National team, squad duo places top-10 in national competition

For the first time since 2015, the University of Kansas Spirit Squad competed at the Universal Cheerleaders Association National Competition at the beginning of the spring semester. Jadyn Ray, a junior from Augusta, and Zach Reyes, a senior from Chicago, Illinois, are two spirit squad athletes who competed at Nationals as a duo, as well as with the whole team at the competition.

The University Daily Kansan
KU softball alumna reminisces wedding proposal at Rock Chalk Park

Softball has been a central focus of Taylor and Kala McElhaney's relationship ever since the beginning. Taylor is a University of Kansas 2017 graduate and softball alumna, who started every single game, drew 22 walks and batted .226 with 24 hits during her last season playing softball as a Jayhawk, according to the KU athletics website.

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