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Nepal on high: Himalayas trekking tips

Magnificent snow-peaked summits and quaint thousand-year-old villages provide the backdrop for an unforgettable adventure in Nepal.

Extreme tips for earning free trips

(CNN) -- Howie Rappaport has stayed in six hotels on one business trip to boost his hotel reward stays. He also regularly takes the long way to and from home, complete with connecting flights, to rack up airline points.

Paranormal investigators: Halloween is a blip on the radar

Each year as the end of October creeps near, Dianna Avena notices more crowds of curious people venturing out at night, hoping for a brush with the supernatural on one of her tours. But the ghosts her Roswell Ghost Tour groups may encounter don't only appear in October and Halloween is just another day for paranormal investigators.

Modern Luxury

Get out of (your) town!

by Genna Scheuerell | Jezebel magazine | February 27, 2012 Put down the menu to your favorite neighborhood restaurant, and grab your car keys-we're going out! Instead of opting for your normal hangout, make it a point to leave your comfort zone this weekend and explore a few of the other awesome options out there.

Turning a Page

by Genna Scheuerell | Jezebel magazine | April 2, 2012 For the first full weekend in April, clean out your closet to make room for glitzy new garments, break out your running shoes and inspire your inner artist with modern masterpieces. It's time to start fresh!

Last-Minute Romance

by Genna Scheuerell | Jezebel magazine | February 6, 2012 Still ironing out those Valentine's Day plans? Don't throw in the towel yet. Just because you're late doesn't mean you've passed up the chance for romance. Several Atlanta restaurants are still offering Valentine's Day menus that just might fit what you're looking for.

Wicked Weekend

by Courtney Foster and Genna Scheuerell | Jezebel magazine | April 16, 2012 Take advantage of this beautiful spring weekend by indulging your inner sommelier at Atlanta's Dogwood Festival, rocking out to live tunes in Piedmont Park or dancing the night away at Tongue & Groove.

Summer Entertainment Guide 2012

Whether you want to escape it or embrace it, the heat is on in Atlanta. With the summer-fun buzz report tipping the scales at sizzling, everyone's headed to t

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