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Hi! I'm Gretchen, a Minneapolis based digital copywriting specialist with a wicked coffee addiction. I specialize in SEO and content marketing copy, which can be applied to nearly any online platform or digital resource that you can think of.

I would love to chat with you about any future projects you may have - if you think we could be a good fit, drop me an email at hel[email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!


Brand-Based Content

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Chemist to Consumer: Formulate Hair Care | Monochrome Minimalist

This post is kindly sponsored by Formulate ~ Let me set the scene - you're walking through a large department store and finding the personal care section. The number of products is massive, each with a unique claim that it's better than the other. We've all been there.

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All Saints Edit | Autumn Transitional Pieces | Monochrome Minimalist

Edgy. Romantic. Bohemian. Luxe. Effortless. These are some of the words that frequently come to mind whenever I think of the All Saints brand. This brand has been one that I've watched for years, and each season as they put out new designs, it makes me more excited to be able to see what they've got new-in.

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Sulfate-Free Haircare - Would You Try It? | Monochrome Minimalist

Sulfate-free haircare products actually boost the moisture in your hair throughout the day, as it doesn't strip all natural oils away from the scalp when you wash your hair. If your hair is prone to frizz, sulfate-free products may be just what your hair is needing.

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Hewing Hotel | Luxe Minneapolis Boutique Hotel | Monochrome Minimalist

As we focus so frequently on moving forward and keeping up with the times, I find that it's most important to remember where we came from. Our histories, our roots and learning to appreciate our past. Boutique hotels are beginning to pop up worldwide, embracing this exact principle.

How-To Guides

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6 Tips for Better Social Media Engagement | Gretchen Reese Digital

Social media engagement. Check the "How-To's" of Google's social media index - odd's are you'll find a similar range of questions. "How to grow social media?" "How to grow my followers on social media?" "How to grow social media audience?" "How can I increase social media engagement?"


Can Dogs Eat Spinach? Health Benefits of Spinach for Dogs

Spinach: good for you, good for your pet... right? With any vegetable, it's important to consider all the aspects of how it will impact your dog. Dogs, naturally, are carnivorous - so even though dogs may not need vegetables in their diets, they can be used as a supplement to a meat-based diet.

Doga: How to Start Practicing Yoga with Your Dog

It's no secret that there are many forms of exercise available to us today. Many people turn to activities like yoga because it can be practiced by all levels of ability and can be done in a gym or at home. Even if you only practice for 20 minutes per day, the benefits are often realized quite quickly.

Health & Wellness

The Hollies
10 Ways to Communicate With Someone Who has Dementia | The Hollies

As dementia progresses, it can be incredibly painful to watch a loved one experience its grip. Communicating with your loved one may become more difficult - something that once seemed as easy as breathing, now can be filled with complexity, as though you were walking on eggshells.

The Hollies
Defining Dementia Care & How You Can Support Your Loved One

As people get older, their bodies and minds slow down. It is a natural process that occurs, though the degree to which it happens may vary. Some can experience illness or disease - an incredibly common one being dementia. Dementia is the broad term used to describe several different conditions affecting the brain, including Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, and frontotemporal dementia.


IM London
Starting the Rebranding Process | 5 Tips for Marketing and Brand Managment

Managing a rebrand or brand refresh can be tough for any marketing team. It doesn't matter if it's the first rebrand or the fifth - it can be a strenuous process from start to finish (if there is one). Notable brands are at opposite ends of the spectrum in how often they have rebranded.