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Nantucket Magazine
The Nantucket Effect

Researchers have long pondered the health effects of where people live.

Nantucket Magazine
Island Epidemic

Investigating the opioid crisis on Nantucket.

Nantucket Magazine
The Fight & Flight of Vern Laux

The story behind the internationally renowned birder, Vern Laux. "Imagine being able to fly?" Those words were posed to me by Vern Laux not necessarily as a question but more of an affirmation of his lifelong obsession with birds.

Nantucket Magazine
Sounding a Siren

Longtime Nantucket captain Pete Kaizer is leading the charge to save our fishery. To hear Nantucket captain Pete Kaizer talk about the island's inshore fishery is to get a history lesson that strays at times into an angry rant and genuine fear for the future.

Psst... Want a Free House on Nantucket? (Just Pay to Move It)

There are only a few people who know how to move a 40,000-pound house that's been chopped into two pieces through the narrow streets of Nantucket. Mike Day is one of them. On a late spring morning, Day and his crew from Atlantic Aeolus are moving a house from Brewster Road to Bunker Road, about a four-mile trip.

Nantucket Magazine
Scout's Honor

The fight to save Camp Richard on Nantucket. Camp Richard probably isn't on your map of Nantucket. The hundred acres of pine forest is surrounded on all sides by development, yet somehow it's still hidden away in the busy mid-island area and relatively unknown.

Nantucket Magazine
The Oldest Salt

The ten thousand-pound basking shark came out of the water headfirst into Bill Blount's net, thrashing in the stern ramp of his commercial dragger, the Ruthie B. Though they are the second largest fish in the world, basking sharks eat plankton, so they pose no threat to humans - at least when they're still in the water.

Major Demographic Shifts Hit Nantucket Schools

It's a Tuesday morning at Nantucket Elementary School. Buses are arriving. Students and teachers are streaming into the main lobby preparing for another day of classes. These are the sights and sounds of a typical Massachusetts elementary school. Except, not quite.

Keeping Nantucket Powered is a Challenge as Electricity Demand Rises

Keeping an island 30 miles off the mainland supplied with fuel and electricity is hard enough, and on Nantucket, there's also the need to account for the seasonal population that creates a short but significant surge in the demand for energy. It's a complex energy system that is constantly evolving with advances in technology and transportation.

The Inquirer and Mirror
Questions Surround Sheriff's Role in Cherry Street Trust

By Jason Graziadei I&M Staff Writer (Feb. 2, 2006) Marlene Gomes Devine remembers Cherry Street long before it sported a popular coffee shop and video rental store. The street and the surrounding area is where much of the island's Cape Verdean community lived, and the cottage at 3 Cherry Street was the home of her grandparents, Manny and Isabel Mendes, who came to Nantucket from the Cape Verdean island of Fogo.

The Inquirer and Mirror
Island's Crack Connection Starts In Mississippi Town

By Jason Graziadei I&M Staff Writer Rosedale, Mississippi is more than 1,500 miles away from Nantucket. And in economic terms, the two places might as well be a world apart. But the poor Delta town of 2,400 and the wealthy Massachusetts island of 10,000 are inexplicably linked by a tight-knit circle of crack cocaine dealers who have made their way to Nantucket from the deep South.

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