Grace-Joy Villaroman - The Gamut

Layout Editor / Illustrator

Location icon United States of America

In this portfolio is a collection of pieces I have worked on layout for as well as various illustrations for Oxford Academy's school newspaper, the Gamut, located in Cypress, CA.

Volume 11 Issue 3
The Gamut Vol 11 Issue 3

Front cover collage created by me, as well as layout for the preceding news articles. Following the incidents in Fugerson, I desired to spread awareness within our school by publishing the newspaper with this as the front cover.

Volume 11 Issue 3
The Gamut Op Ed Illustrations / Back Page Timeline

Various Illustrations located on pages 12-13, as well as a timeline of events in Ferguson located on the back page. The timeline documents specific events related to the protests and police brutality that happened over the course of two months (August/November) to give readers a clearer understanding of what exactly was going on.

Volume 11 Issue 7
Centerfold Illustrations

A centerfold spread featuring my illustrations done for our high school's prom season.

Volume 11 Issue 4
Centerfold Layout on Global Events

A center spread on global events that occurred in the previous year, giving readers a broader understanding of current happenings not only from within, but outside the US.

Volume 11 Issue 5
Front Cover Illustration

A front cover illustration done in response to a conservative administrator attempting to cancel event that involved males wearing dresses.

Volume 9 Issue 4
The Gamut Oscars Centerfold 2013

I worked on the layout on this centerfold, displaying results of the Oscars and giving a brief summary of the event.