Grace M. Taylor

Freelance Journalist, Content and Blog Writer (SEO), Copywriter, Editor, etc.

United States

In 2018 I graduated from Western Washington University with a major in P.P.E. (politics, philosophy and economics) and a minor in journalism (news/editorial). During my time at WWU I gained crucial experience with research, academic and creative writing, fast-paced newsroom functions and publication requirements (copywriting, editing, InDesign/Adobe, SEO functions and content writing as a whole).

Since graduation, I have gained both professional and personal writing experience. Some of my professional experiences include SEO content, blog editing and content creation, community advocacy reporting, travel magazine content and so on. My personal writing is more focused in topics ranging from consciousness and mindfulness, to creative storytelling. As time swirls by, I really just want to continue learning and expanding my skillsets and my written voice.

My writing style connects deeply with readers through vivid storytelling and accurate reporting. I bring the curation of my experiences with mindfulness, political and ethical theory, and my education in journalism, to every piece. I have a strong attention to detail. Meaning, I am a strong and meticulous editor, researcher and content creator.

I pride myself on professionalism and effective, ethical journalism.

"Attached to nothing, connected to everything."

Respect My Region
Looking Into The Decline of Black Representation In The Electronic Music Scene

The dance and house music scene, once flourishing in Black communities, is now predominantly white. A scene once centered in queer Black night clubs in Chicago, New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles, now overrun by white clubs, white DJs, and white producers. There's undoubtedly been a dramatic decline in Black representation in electronic music.

KZAX Radio
Salish Sea Strings Livestream Fundraiser Series Feat. Bob Fossil - KZAX Radio

The first episode of Salish Sea Strings starts November 12 at 6 p.m., showcasing the local marine knowledge of Jason Morgan and artistic talents of Bellingham's beloved Bob Fossil. The live-stream fundraising series is aimed at marine restoration and stewardship in the Northwest Straits.

KZAX Radio
The Growing Mutual Aid Groups of Whatcom County - KZAX Radio

Donate: Venmo ▶ @ BOP-mutual_aid "On Coast Salish Land✨ We take care of each other💝We always need TENTS, SLEEPING BAGS, BLANKETSBring donations to 210 Lottie Street, Bellingham, Wash." Via. Instagram: @bopmutualaid A call to action to the mayor and the City of Bellingham to provide houseless residents in our community with resources going into winter months.

KZAX Radio
Recapturing the Revolutionary Spirit: Dangerous Unselfishness - KZAX Radio

This year's conference agenda featured some new additions from past events, expanding the event with a poetry night, a commissioned piece by Monique Green, and workshops with BIPOC and white affinity groups. The total virtual platform also allowed for a larger audience to attend and participate, also expanding the conference to multiple days.

Hidden Hoian
Da Nang Weather: A Month By Month Guide for Travellers - Hidden Hoian

Much like the rest of its Southeast Asian neighbours, the coastline of Central Vietnam has two general seasons - wet season and dry season. Residents of Da Nang and its surrounding regions either expect sporadic and heavy rainfall, or clear skies and blistering rays, depending on the month.

Hidden Hoian
Wine Bars and Wine Shops in Hoi An - Hidden Hoian

When you think of Vietnam, wine probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. However, you can access some mouthwatering wines here. As a popular destination for expats and western tourists, Hoi An's wine culture is positively booming. In this article, we introduce you to the expanding Vietnamese wine culture.

Hidden Hoian
The Best Beaches in Da Nang - 2019 All You Need to Know - Hidden Hoian

Da Nang is a growing, economically booming city of extravagant bridges, fine dining and pristine white sandy beaches stretching from north to south. This large Central Vietnam coastal metropolis provides 92 kilometres of beachfront access, catering to each and every breed of ocean-hungry traveller.

Klipsun Magazine
Forever Changed

Story by GRACE TAYLOR I went to sleep that night with an unconscious faith in humanity. The sliding glass door to my safe space left unlocked and uncovered by their heavy drapes, remaining drawn for the sunshine earlier that day. It was a peaceful September night, laying low before an early morning shift at the Recycling Center.

The Western Front
Western's racing group back on track - The Western Front

The Viking 59 cost about $30,000 to build and operate per year. // Photo courtesy of WWU Racing By Grace Taylor Michael Konig zipped through the turns of the course with his formula race car, relying on the strength of the three good engine cylinders he had left. [...]

The Western Front
Men's soccer preview: rebuilding the brotherhood - The Western Front

Junior Christian Rotter will look to help lead the Vikings back to the postseason. // Photo courtesy of WWU Athletics By Grace Taylor Starting August 13, opportunity awaits the touch of cleats as the Western men's soccer team will be back out on Robert S. Harrington Field. The [...]

The Western Front
Summer kicks off... and it's quiet - The Western Front

By Grace Taylor Smaller class sizes, a calm and sunny campus and a library all to yourself. If you're one of the students making your way to campus this week, you might notice campus is a little different. As you walk to class, you'll notice it's more quiet, [...]

The Western Front
Family-friendly beer garden and brewery set to open - The Western Front

Upcoming brewery on the corner of Grant and Carolina streets set to open in late July. // Photo by Jessica Vangel by Grace Taylor Bellingham beer fanatics - keep your eyes peeled for Bellingham's newest brewery and beer garden opening in late July. Soon enough, you'll have [...]

The Western Front
Bellingham Pride 2018 Preview - The Western Front

By Grace Taylor Join the city in celebrating the LGBTQ community with this year's annual Pride Parade. Starting near Bellingham High School and finishing on Railroad Avenue at Market Depot Square, this family-friendly and all-inclusive event takes place on Sunday beginning at noon and concluding around 1 p.m. [...]