Gian-Paolo Mendoza

Freelance Video Journalist

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Videographer and journalist from Vancouver, B.C.

Portfolio - Video
Video: Praying for a Cure

In West Africa, hundreds of people with mental illness live in awful conditions. One organization is fighting for a new approach to treatment. This video was supported by The Global Reporting Centre.

CBC Aboriginal
Program helping aboriginal kids in foster care to be cut

Roots & Ties is a monthly event on the Cheam First Nation in B.C where foster children return to the community for a visit with extended family and to take part in cultural events. Aboriginal children make up 52 percent of children in care, while representing just eight percent of children in B.C.

MoleScope skin cancer app developed for smartphones in Vancouver

A new smartphone app for monitoring skin cancer made its debut at the World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver on Tuesday. Maryam Sadeghi, director of the Digital Health Hub, designed the MoleScope app and device during her PhD research at Simon Fraser University.

Light-skinned indigenous people face discrimination: Michelle Lovegrove

Judging aboriginal people by their skin colour - whether light or dark - is wrong, asserted an indigenous Australian broadcast journalist in a public talk last week at the University of British Columbia. "Australia has this obsession with colour and still does. It started quite early in colonization days," said Michelle AleksandrovicsLovegrove.

UBC News
Computerized organs

Imagine if medical research and clinical drug tests could be done on artificially grown organs on microchips to save time, costs, and ease ethical concerns? That's the dream of James Feng, a professor in biological and chemical engineering at UBC. "The potential is tremendous," says Feng.