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Giuliana Morelli


Location icon Canada

Giuliana Morelli is a writer whose passion lies in worldbuilding. She strives to create immersive and emotional worlds that will comfort people and help them make connections with others through their love of the story and characters within it.

The types of stories she writes are character- and concept-driven. Her writing often falls into the genres of sci-fi (especially dystopia), action, and drama. Her writing also tends to involve aspects of the supernatural to distance the settings from the real world while also still providing commentary on society.

She aims to reach people through writing for TV and video games or through short film. Short, self-contained stories with an overarching narrative are an easier way to inspire immersion and get people interested. She aspires to write the kind of world and story that people like to insert themselves and their own original characters in.

Short Film

When sisters Mickey and Lia get caught in a zombie outbreak, their bond is tested by the threat of impending death.

Short Film
Laid to Rest

Lucy is a young succubus looking for love... but she doesn't have the best control over her powers, which means that she keeps over feeding and draining the life force from the men she brings home with her! Will Lucy be able to find the man of her dreams... and keep him alive?

Short Film (Adaptation)
The Lady of Lordsburg

A short film adaptation of 'Stage to Lordsburg' by Ernest Haycox.

Short Story - published in "Bad Wizards Club 2: A Zine About Wizards Who Aren't Very Good at Being Wizards."
The Saga of Calumnus the Cowardly

A childhood bedtime story about Calumnus the Cowardly, a famous and heroic wizard who just so happens to be afraid of magic.

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