Gladys Ang


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Gladys is a marketer with a passion for arts and social causes. Her curious mind
motivates her to do her own learning. A self-starter, highly professional and
responsible, she is a quick and independent learner. Developing her copywriting
skills, she enjoys writing professionally, and privately it is her favorite thing to do.
Her love for arts also prompted her to explore and self-learn basic graphic design.
Her tactful and sociable nature together with her exceptional conversational skills
allows her to communicate and work effectively with people of all backgrounds.

#FreezeYourAge, what age do you want to be?

If you could #FreezeYourAge, what age would you choose? Your 10s, 20s or 30s? At which year do you wish you stop aging? Turn back time and stay young. Let's explore the options and look at their pros and cons.

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Best Mother's Day Spa Gift - The Japanese Way - Ikeda Spa Singapore

It is the Japanese way of saying Happy Mother's Day. Ha no hi is a direct translation of Mother's Day in Japanese, and omedetō means happy. Every second Sunday in May, Japan celebrates the life-giving, loving maternal figure in their lives. What could be the best? We explore.

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Free Beer - Celebrating 10 Years With Ikeda Spa - Ikeda Spa Singapore

A memorable year for us, Ikeda Spa turns 10 this May. To commemorate our tenth anniversary, we bought you Sapporo Beer! Yes, you heard that right, your beer is on us! Invite a friend for free beer and every successful referral; we will give you an additional two cans of beer!

Toxic No No Ingredients - 5 You Have In Your Top Shelf

Are you aware of the toxic no no ingredients in your skincare to look out for? You check diligently for the ingredients that go into your food and the products you use, but when it comes to your skincare, ever wonder what is inside your serum, toners and cleansers?

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Summer In Japan: A Survival Guide To Escape The Heat

Sure, summer can get a bit hot, but we still think it's one of the best seasons to visit Japan if you know how to beat the heat. Here is why we think you should still visit Japan in summer.

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GSS 2019: Insider Tips For The Savvy Singaporean

Are you the kind to prepare a shopping list or are you an impulsive buyer? Nonetheless, the highly anticipated GSS 2019 is coming up. We have all the information and tips you need for GSS Singapore 2019.

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