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Strategic communication professional, freelance journalist, poet & artist

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I'm a location-independent marketing & communications consultant, writer & visual artist. I focus on arts & culture, travel and environmental policy, with a specialized focus on photographers and photography around the world. I'm a Pacific Northwest Native, photographer, outdoor enthusiast & mixed-media artist. My home base is Portland, Oregon USA.



1859 Oregon's Magazine
Andy Warhol Exhibit in Portland Shows Complex Side of a Controversial Icon

written by Gina Williams | photos courtesy of the Portland Art Museum "Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?" -Andy Warhol Portland philanthropist and art collector Jordan D. Schnitzer recalls one of the first times he saw his collected works displayed on a large scale in a public setting.

Six Degrees South - Worldwide

"I believe that as a photographer, you can get close to the truth while still being concerned with aesthetic elements." - Gilles Nicolet More than 30 years ago, Gilles Nicolet arrived in Somalia to work as an agricultural engineer. "I was a young man at the time," he says.

1889 Magazine
Salty Seattle Turns Pasta Into Art

Oh, the Pastabilities! written by Gina Williams | photography by Jim Henkens "You caught me in high experiment mode today," Linda Miller Nicholson said as she made me an espresso in the gleaming kitchen of her home near Snoqualmie Falls.

FRAMES Magazine
"Keith Dannemiller: Answering the 'why'", by Gina Williams

There's a woman on the corner selling something. Many people are selling things - this is Mexico City's busy Centro Histórico district, after all. But this woman and the living diorama around her where she sits on a wall with her wares catches Keith Dannemiller's eye and interest.

To See the World in a Grain of Rice - Photographs by Luca Bracali | LensCulture

From Laos to Vietnam, Bracali has documented the region’s ethnic cultures, for whom food is a utterly intertwined with spirituality Southeast Asia has hundreds of distinct ethnic groups (138 in Myanmar and 54 in Vietnam), and food cultivation and preparation are a powerful and binding force. In fact, an ancient and common greeting that can still be heard in Myanmar is “Sar pi pi lar?” or “Have you eaten?”y more than 3

Highlighting the World's Change Makers

Do Something for Nothing

It's not about haircuts. Or homelessness. Or photographs. It's not even about giving back. For British hairdresser Joshua (Josh) Coombes and photographer Valérie Jardin, it's simply about human connection. Coombes says his #DoSomethingForNothing movement is ultimately about making time in a worl

Worldwide -

WorldWide Siena International Photo Awards. It primarily contains articles about science, geography, history, sport, wildlife, architecture, travel and world culture.

Interview with Luca Bracali

Luca Bracali is a man on a mission. Even as I caught up with the Italian photojournalist, filmmaker and explorer in Siena, Italy (not an easy task considering his intense travel schedule) where he was a featured exhibitor during the Siena International Photography Awards (SIPA) Contest and Art Photo

MarComm & Publicity

Lensbaby SOL Creative Effect Camera Lens
Project Disrupt

What is Project Disrupt Disruptions are great creative fire starters - they force us to stop what we're doing, break out of our routine, and try something new.

Oregon Business Alliance For Climate
News - Oregon Business Alliance For Climate

News & Information from Oregon Business for Climate. We support enacting Cap & Invest policy in Oregon that will help us meet GHG goals & boost the economy

Oregon Business for Climate

Mobilizing industry support and business leadership toward advancing climate policy JOIN US We support a market based approach to reducing ...

Corporate Profile › Riverview Community Bank

The 90's brought rapid growth as Riverview became a publicly traded company in 1993 (symbol "RVSB" NASDAQ Small Cap Market) and added six more branch offices by the end of the decade.

Renew Oregon
Clean Energy Jobs

Renew Oregon and our partners are working hard to move Oregon away from polluting energy to an efficient, clean energy economy by accounting for the cost of climate pollution! --> Sign the pledge to be part of the movement <-- Clean Energy Jobs is a policy to put a limit and price on climate pollution from the largest polluters in the state.

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