Gillian McIver


Gillian Mciver is a Canadian based in London, UK.
She writes about art and film.



Art History for Filmmakers
Since cinema's earliest days, literary adaptation has provided the movies with stories; and so we use literary terms like metaphor, metonymy and synedoche to describe visual...


Eye on the prize: artists from ethnic 'minorities' are being shut out - a-n The Artists...
A very good friend of mine applied to the newly created East London Painting Prize, which announced its inaugural winner last week. He didn't get shortlisted and he was fine...
Joy in People: Jeremy Deller at the Hayward
If anyone deserved a big, expansive show, serving up a comprehensive range of mixed media works, it's Deller.
Over site?
Where did the site-specific idea come from? And can an artist ever really know how it will turn out? Gillian McIver traces its emergence and looks forward to future developments.
The black subject: ancient to modern - a-n The Artists Information Company
The black subject: ancient to modern Tate Britain Saturday 21st of February This symposium, which in only one day tried to cover the appearance of the black subject in art from...
Palestinian video art: constellation of the moving image | Reviews | Interface | a-n
Palestinian video art: constellation of the moving image ed. Bashir Makhoul, (2013) Jerusalem1 January 2013 - 27 January 2014 Reviewed by: Gillian Mciver " Palestinian video...
Review: Frieze London - a good education in how the art market works
Is Frieze Art Fair useful in any way to artists and is it good for artists and art? Filmmaker, artist and Frieze first-timer Gillian McIver roams the gallery booths and curated...
Castiglione, Lost Genius | Reviews | Interface | a-n
Castiglione, Lost Genius The Queen's Gallery, London1 November 2013 - 15 March 2014 Reviewed by: Gillian Mciver " Castiglione, Lost Genius There was initial confusion about this...


Hagen is a handsome youth who, through no fault of his own, is violently cast out from his family. Learning to survive on the streets with the help of other homeless, he finds...
Suite Française
In a picturesque village on the outskirts of Paris, time seems to stand still. Young bride Lucille Angellier (Michelle Williams) goes through the routines of daily life, under...
One genre that Britain has really made its mark on is the gangster film, with classics like Brighton Rock (2010) and Sexy Beast (2000), and edgy indies like Dead Men's Shoes...
A slip of the tongue would allow you to confuse Canadian police procedural The Calling with Scandinavian police procedural The Killing. What they share is the sense of...


OUT OF BALANCE | Reviews | Interface | a-n
OUT OF BALANCE GALERIE GERKEN, BERLIN8 September - 11 October 2012 Reviewed by: Gillian Mciver " There are two principal cities for artists in the European part of the world...
Still Surviving
The state of the surreal in contemporary cinema
SUNDAY ART FAIR | Reviews | Interface | a-n
SUNDAY ART FAIR AMBIKA P3, LONDON12 - 14 October 2012 Reviewed by: Gillian Mciver " Art fairs are a pretty good way of getting a quick overview of what is happening in the art...
Michael Wolf: Flowers Kingsland Road
Wolf is excited by massive spatials, urban landscapes photographed in such a way as to compress and extend the built environment.
Nam June Paik at Tate Liverpool
playing with light and time
earth:NOW:being | Reviews | Interface | a-n
earth:NOW:being Hackney City Farm, London8 - 9 October 2011 Reviewed by: Gillian Mciver " Earth now being Valentin Manz and Christine Cynn earth:NOW:being is a project by artist...
Stefanos Pavlakis Artist of the Month
Each month a guest selector chooses an artist from the Axis directory to be featured as our artist of the month. This month curator and writer Gillian McIver discusses her...
Sarah Turner / Rosalind Nashashibi
The juncture of a screening of Sarah Turner's new feature film Perestroika, and the tail end of Rosalind Nashashibi's exhibition of film based art, came together briefly at the...
Expanded Cinema, The Live Record
An unexpected and welcome opportunity to reintroduce the issue of “Expanded Cinema” into current debate around art, cinema and culture.
The Museological Unconscious: Communal (Post)Modernism in Russia
Book Review, MIT Press, 2009
ART/SITE theory and practice in site-specific/ site-responsive contemporary art
ART/SITE: AN INTRODUCTION TO ART AS SITE RESPONSE Ed.Gillian McIver A selection of essays commissioned and introduced by Gillian McIver. APOCALYPTIC POLLINATIONS: GOING...
Ima Pico and the Digital Mural
Ima Picó uses the media-tools of camera and computer, photography and computer-generated images, to make artwork that explores media saturation in contemporary culture. Her...
Life and Art in a Forgotten Russian Town
Kronstadt connection
“Artist Initiatives in Moscow”
Gillian mcIver looks at artist run intiative in Moscow 2000-1

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