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Gillian Hogan


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Reporter for DCU's 'The College View', 'Her Campus DCU', and 'Campus.ie. From May 2019: Production assistant at Dublin City FM, Reporter for St Michael's House.


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The College View
DCU's journey in playing catch-up - The College View

Those who have visited DCU within the last two years may be familiar with having their route blocked off by numerous construction vehicles or nearly bumping into a wall of wet paint. There is a universal sigh of relief as DCU's highly anticipated, new state of the art student centre is due to open just in time for the upcoming semester.

DCU paves the future in artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a phrase that has been around over 50 years but only now is it taking precedence all over the world. The College View recently reported that Irish businesses are at risk of being outmatched by their European counterparts due to their lack of AI integration. DCU significantly contributes towards the Irish utilisation of AI in its variants natural language processing, machine learning and computer vision.

The College View
Bang for your buck with online shopping - The College View

It's possible to pay anything from €5 to €40 for a t-shirt but the price isn't everything. On a student budget, it's important to know that what you buy won't end up being a false economy. Why buy bargain €10 jeans once a month when a €50 pair would last longer than your course itself?

The College View
Is the 70's the trend of the summer? - The College View

If you ask anybody that lived through the 70s, they were a dark time fashion-wise. Flared trousers were unmentionable a decade ago but now appear everywhere. Why has the opinion changed? Fashion is different from music in the way that it's not as universally timeless. The most recently overcome fashion trends are always the cringiest.

The College View
With the rise of streaming, soap operas remain resilient - The College View

Since the takeover of Netflix, traditional television ratings have been on a downhill slope. Genre upon genre of tv and film are available in an instant, so why wait to watch something on the box in your sitting room like a caveman? Well, there is one exception to this trend.

The College View
The timeless nature of period dramas in a modern world - The College View

Sure, anything with a strong enough storyline distracts and entertains but period dramas offer a glimpse into a completely different world. People can watch knowing that their ancestors lived during that time and connect to a story because they feel a part of themselves in it.

The College View
Hug me brotha! Drake and Josh are back - The College View

Most original viewers would now fall in the age range of 17-25 whilst Drake and Josh are both 32 years of age. Finding the right mix in a revival such as this one will be difficult as, if it is targeting the original audience, Nickelodeon will no longer be a suitable platform.

The College View
Tom Odell at the Olympia Theatre - The College View

In a world where artists seem to constantly compete with each other for the most show stopping concerts, sometimes it's nice to strip it back to the basics. Sunday October 14th saw Tom Odell, closely followed by his drummer, guitarist and bassist, casually walk onto a dark stage in Dublin's Olympia theatre to 1,620 fans.

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