Giorgia Rose

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United Kingdom

I am a story-driven writer and communicator who loooves sharing informative, uplifting news and opinions.

Check out this selection of my published work below, accumulated over five years in the Finance, Tech, Logistics and Gaming industries.

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A brief history of my working life so far


Explained: Esports

Airbus, Audi, Coca-Cola and DHL are putting brand dollars into esports - here's why. Video game tournaments have come a long way since they first appeared in arcades in the 1980s. Now, online spectatorship is booming and tournaments have become increasingly large-scale events.

Don't forward-pass the parcel, guys!

A group of colleagues living in Guangzhou, China, fancied having a "try" at being DHL couriers at this year's Hong Kong Rugby Sevens. From the earpiece down to the DHL-branded socks, this team costume got its fair share of attention, both on the stands and on social media.


Giorgia Rose visits The Tipsy Vegan

Located in the heart of Norwich's beautiful Lanes, The Tipsy Vegan is one of this city's best veggie eateries, offering a delicious range of cocktails and food for brunch, tapas and dinner. Sister to the famous Vegan Diner in Norwich Market, the restaurant is still a hidden gem on Norwich's independent scene.


Bend it like Beckham & score like Salah

Who do you picture when you imagine a great football player? Perhaps Lionel Messi - or Mohamed Salah? But why not a young Saudi lady wearing a hijab? Football might have been all about stereotypes once. But not anymore, and certainly not at DHL.

How Erasmus is creating a new generation of future leaders

"Give it 15, 20 or 25 years, and Europe will be run by leaders with a completely different socialization from those of today". Political scientist Stefan Wolff is among those who predict that the 'Erasmus Generation' will prove to be a powerful force in creating a pan-European identity.