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Gianmarco Castronovo is a sports writer and music blogger with additional professional interests in business and finance.

Iowa Program to Feature Field of Dreams

Iowans love baseball and that's absolutely no secret. The state is even home to more than 222 professional baseball players, throughout history. Across Iowa's 99 counties, MLB players have called 80 of those counties "home." To say the state is steeped in baseball history would be a bit of an understatement, in baseball writer Gianmarco Castronovo's research.

Gianmarco Castronovo
Get in the Christmas Spirit at These Holiday Events

For music writer Gianmarco Castronovo, songs are the soul of the Christmas spirit. The soundtrack of the season blares from every radio station as you rush about to find gifts for your loved ones... and if you're lucky, carolers continue the tradition of beckoning those cozy door-to-door ditties right outside your door.

Aaron Brooks and St. Louis Cardinals Part Ways

On the last day of January 2022, the St. Louis Cardinals welcomed Aaron Brooks aboard for a one year contract. At quite the pretty penny, Brooks accepted the offer of a $1.4 million deal with the team. The pitcher was enthusiastic about securing his spot on the Cardinals' Opening Day bullpen.

Gianmarco Castronovo
Winter Music Festivals Confirmed for 2022

Fall may have only just begun. But let's face it: winter is on its way! As the warmer days fade away, music fans say farewell to large outdoor festivals. Right? .....nope! Music writer Gianmarco Castronovo shares the top winter music festivals that bring the heat during the colder months: MIRA Digital Arts Festival November 11...

RIP 'Topes Slope: The Last Outfield Hill in MLB

On September 28, 2022, history was made in professional baseball. But sports writer Gianmarco Castronovo would consider this note to be more of a moment of closure than a historic memory to behold. That's because following their game on the 28th, the Albuquerque Isotopes said a fond farewell to the hill in their center field: Isotopes Hill.

In historic move, minor league baseball adopts union

Minor League Baseball players, who were previously unprotected by an official organization, will now have bargaining representation. The union in place to protect these talented athletes is an already existing organization which minor leaguers will now join: the MLBPA. The MLBPA, or Major League Baseball Players Association, has represented 1,200 players and 40-man rosters.

Gianmarco Castronovo
Live Concert + Food Truck Event to Honor First Responders

At D's Irish Tavern in Baytown, TX, first responders are regarded as local heroes (as they should be, everywhere)! On Saturday, September 10th from 2 PM to 11 PM, those heroes will be honored and celebrated with a live music performance featuring beloved local acts. Gianmarco Castronovo, music blogger, shares the details: If you're in...

Mickey Mantle Baseball Card Hits the Record Out of the Park

In Gianmarco Castronovo's last Medium blog post, the sports writer featured a rare Honus Wagner card that broke the record for the highest sale price of a baseball card. Less than a month later, that record has already been smashed right out of the park!

Gianmarco Castronovo
Electric Zoo Festival 2022

Electric Zoo Festival is back at Randall Park this Labor Day weekend. Gianmarco Castronovo features the electronic music festival, which will kick things off September 2 - 4, 2022: EDM lovers, electronic music enthusiasts and anyone who loves an explosion of exciting energy and dreamy music: the event of the year is here!