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Co-writer of the feature film THE RANGER, world premiere March 12th, 2018 at South by Southwest!

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The Best Horror Movies of 2018 (So Far)

Last year, we named the best horror movies of 2017 in spring. So who's down for a sequel? Of course, late March is way too early to call anything the best movie of the year, but...


BUFF '18 Review: "The Ranger" has had it up to here with these damn punks

By DEIRDRE CRIMMINS When a buncha punk kids are outrunning the law, they choose the wrong mountain as their hideout in THE RANGER. The feature directorial debut from...

Front Row Boston

How Boston's Punk Scene Influenced Horror Film The Ranger - Front Row Boston

A group of teens sit at a table in a graffiti covered club that throbs with music. They experiment with drugs, crash onto the dance floor, and party with the free joy of their...

Daily Grindhouse

[BEST OF BUFF 2018] THE RANGER (2018) - Daily Grindhouse

Society's rejects face off against an unstoppable force of nature in the fun, exciting, and often hilarious horror flick THE RANGER. A group of punks need to outrun the cops in...


SXSW Review: 'The Ranger' Is A Faithful Horror Throwback With A New Iconic Menace

Horror is a film genre that goes through cycles. Somebody has a great, subversive, scary idea that taps our collective subconscious. Then the concept gets imitated, and...

Bloody Disgusting!

[SXSW Review] 'The Ranger' Is An Unabashedly Punk Slasher Throwback - Bloody Disgusting

The Ranger , is - on its surface - a vibrant, vicious throwback to 80's slashers with a unique visual flair. This is like saying punk subculture is - on its surface - people in...

Exclusive: Check out the chilling poster for SXSW horror-thriller 'The Ranger'

Jenn Wexler's directorial debut premieres at upcoming SXSW Festival


SXSW Report: The State of Horror

Not only are the SXSW programmers an astute bunch of film enthusiasts who scour the globe for the finest in independent cinema ... they also really dig horror flicks.

'The Ranger' teaser warns against dangerous woodland predators

In Jenn Wexler's directorial debut, The Ranger, a group of young punks get in trouble with the cops and flee the city. Fueled...

Boston Underground Film Festival

The Ranger

VIEW TRAILER 2018 | USA | 80 min. Director: Jenn Wexler Screenwriter: Jenn Wexler & Giaco Furino Cast: Chloe Levine, Jeremy Holm, Granit Lahu, Larry Fessenden, Amanda Grace...


THE RANGER - Pennsylvania Premiere - Tickets - PhilaMOCA - Philadelphia, PA - April 26th, 2018

THE RANGER - Pennsylvania Premiere (Dir. Jenn Wexler, 2018, USA, 80 min) Filmmaker Jenn Wexler in attendance! When a drug-fueled night at an NYC punk club ends in a bloody...

What The Fest

The Ranger

Expected to Attend: Director Jenn Wexler, Producers Larry Fessenden, Andrew van den Houten, Heather Buckley, Ashleigh Snead CLOSING NIGHT, A gunshot echoes through a vast,...


SXSW Midnighters Go Into the Woods With The Ranger

We're all familiar with the unbreakable rules that apply to characters in horror movies, just like every good horror geek knows that a legitimately top-notch shocker must...

Film School Rejects

The Must See Movies of SXSW 2018

For the team here at Film School Rejects, this will be our 11th South by Southwest (SXSW) film festival. And while the folks who program the fest itself have been doing so for...

No Film School

Our Most Anticipated Films of SXSW 2018

Catch 'em if you can at SXSW this year. We've scoured the catalog of this year's SXSW and put together this list of 11 features and shorts we can't wait to see at the festival....


SXSW 2018 Schedule

When Chelsea and her friends get in trouble with the cops, they flee the city and go on the run. Fueled by a hallucinogenic drug called Echo, they hope to lay low-and get...


The Ranger (2018)

Directed by Jenn Wexler. With Chloe Levine, Jeremy Holm, Granit Lahu, Jeremy Pope.

Branded Content


Artists Tell Us How They Keep Creating When Times Are Tough

The government is running wild, the nation feels split in two, the seafloor is sinking... during these times of political and personal turmoil, it can be hard to find value in...