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Germaine Leow

Lifestyle Writer

Location icon Singapore

Writer at NYLON Singapore.
A two-year awardee of the 'Best Writer Award' in Nanyang Polytechnic.
Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning publication, CATCH Magazine's Feb 2019 issue.
Wrote articles for Straits Times Digital, Nanyang Polytechnic & Campus Magazine.

Typically writes about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food and travel.

Email: [email protected]


NYLON Singapore

Cute K-Beauty Collaborations To Get This August

When you think of K-Beauty, cute packaging and character collaborations might come to mind. From the many character collaborations in myriads of bright and pastel hues, you might do a double take when you see them perched on a store's display. I have to admit, cute packaging used to be a huge deciding factor for ...

54% Off Hair Removal Packages At Datsumo Labo For National Day!

Singapore is turning 54 and there's a long weekend ahead of us. This is the perfect time for you to grab your floppy hat and enjoy a short vacation or staycation (there's no place like home!) and that means, it's time to pamper yourself! Last year, Datsumo Labo Singapore treated us with a 50% off ...

H&M x Ariana Grande's Sweet New Release

With the Sweetener World Tour happening this year, H&M did Ariana Grande's fans a favour and dropped an entire collection for the world tour, taking "thank u, next" from your Instagram captions to your t-shirts. From apparel like t-shirts, hoodies and jackets featuring her latest song releases and album covers, to accessories like caps, clips ...

Hop Into Mid-Autumn Festival With Starbucks Mooncakes And Merchandise!

Starbucks brings to you their take on the Mid-Autumn Festival and that is: adorable merchandise and unique mooncake flavours! If you don't already love the occasion as much as we do, you might change your mind with these goodies. Mooncakes When you think of Mid-Autumn Festival, you'd think of mooncakes!

Itinerary Ideas For A Weekend Trip To Johor Bahru, Malaysia

In need of a getaway but don't have too much time (or money) to spare? A weekend trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia is enough to get you refreshed and back on your feet! While you may think there's nothing much you can do at JB but shop (which is great too, by the way), we're ...

Kick Up A Storm With July's New Kicks!

Attention, sneakerheads! We're back with another sneaker roundup and our July picks won't disappoint. If you think you have enough sneakers (says nobody ever), you'll change your mind by the end of this article. From monochromatic classics to bold statement sneakers, it's time to make space for some new kicks!

Go Backstage With The Sam Willows x Dior

It's official: The Sam Willows announced their hiatus in end May 2019. While that devastated many of their fans, the quartet never actually left the public's eye. From having their own solo activities (music, acting etc.) to appearing in the music video of the National Day Parade 2019's theme song, the band remained in ...

A Full Face Of Affordable, Quality Korean Makeup

Korean cosmetics are known to be skincare-infused makeup and that's why we love it - but really, another reason has got to be how affordable most of them are! While we usually associate "cheap" with "low quality", K-Beauty has proved itself to be an exception.

Quirky Eyewear For Your Little Monsters: Gentle Monster's First Kids Collection

When you hear "Gentle Monster", you'd probably think of wacky and stylish eyewear that most people would not be able to pull off. Honestly. What happens when these quirky eyewear shrink in size, to sizes made for the little ones? It seems like self-expression in children now goes beyond crayons and stickers with Gentle Monster ...

The Latest Lip Trend: Lip Lacquers

We've watched the hype for liquid lipsticks, lip tints and lip gloss tide over. Now, make way for the latest lip trend - lip lacquers! As an industrial term, 'lacquer' is used for hard and shiny finishes, typically on material like wood - which explains the inspiration.

5 "Extra" Ways To Throw A Birthday Party In Singapore

Has your Instagram feed been flooded with birthday dessert tables and fancy backdrops of a certain theme - usually floral or rustic with those mandatory fairy lights? Not forgetting those huge number balloons that seem to pop up in every photo! It is starting to seem like that is the only way to throw a ...

Rep Your Hogwarts House With Vans x Harry Potter's New Collection

Harry Potter fans are often proud to wear their Hogwarts House on their sleeves. While it is not too practical to flounce around in a robe of your sorted house, you can now parade around in comfortable sneakers to represent the house you think you belong in! Vans collaborated with Warner Bros.

Louis Vuitton's First Fine Jewellery Collection Blossoms This May

That iconic brown leather, star-shaped flower and LV monogram... is an image forming in mind? That already proves the point I am about to make - Louis Vuitton is one of the world's most recognisable and valuable fashion brands to date. You would have heard of it even if you do not have one sitting ...

You've Gotta Catch Them All: UNIQLO Launches UT GRAND PRIX 2019's Winning Designs

With Pokémon Detective Pikachu currently showing in cinemas and the successful opening of the Pokémon Centre at Jewel Changi Airport recently, Pokémon is being raved about more than it already was before. Adding on to that list, Pokémon fans will be psyched to know they have one more thing to look out for: UNIQLO is ...

Naiise's 'Iconic' New Store At Jewel Changi Airport

Naiise is no stranger to the average Singaporean, having been around since 2013. It started out as an online platform and gradually expanded into several brick-and-mortar stores across the island. Today, it has left its mark both locally and internationally - having expanded its retail presence to Malaysia and the United Kingdom.

Campus Magazine

Campus Magazine
[Review] Before the Coffee Gets Cold: Café Funiculi Funicula |

by Germaine Leow Before the Coffee Gets Cold: Café Funiculi Funicula is a time-travel melodrama based on the novel by Toshikazu Kawaguchi. The plot solely revolves around the fictional café, Café Funiculi Funicula, in which there is a specific seat that customers can sit at to travel back to a past encounter in that café, after they are poured a cup of coffee.

Campus Magazine
Culture Cartel 2018: What to look out for

With hip-hop pumping out of the loud stereos, confident people donning the latest streetwear and bright lights falling upon the exhibitions, you may feel like the space is a bit overwhelming. So here’s a brief floor guide to help you on your way:

Campus Magazine
[Interview] Nathan Hartono: Conquering the Unclimbable

He once said that learning the Chinese language is an "unclimbable mountain". Today, he stands tall at the tip of that mountain, going from a boy who could not fathom the language to one who belts out songs in the very same language.

Campus Magazine
Young Blood Floods Sole Superior 2017

Sole Superior, Singapore's premier sneaker and streetwear convention, returned for yet another banging event over the weekend. With sneaker culture and street fashion being increasingly trendy as of late, there's no denying how pricey some apparels and shoes can get. Regardless, a large majority of people at the event were the youth, particularly students.

Campus Magazine
Campus Issue 50

Articles on pages 02, 03 & 12. Thumbnail: pages 02 - 03.

Campus Magazine
Campus Issue 39

Articles on page 03 & 09. Thumbnail: page 09.

Campus Magazine
Munchy Monday: Glacier Yogurt and I Want My Noodles

For Munchy Monday today, we will be reviewing a foodie paradise for people who love to eat noodles. I Want My Noodle is a Chinese cafe which whips up Chinese noodles with special fusion twists, which is guaranteed to give your taste buds an unfamiliar yet pleasant sensation.

CATCH Magazine (Nanyang Polytechnic)

Catch Online
Editor's Note

"You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going." - Morgan Wootten written by germaine leow | photos by clemens chua Loss can be demoralising, challenging and even frightening at times, especially when we lose something dear to our hearts. However, I've learnt that w

Catch Online
Staying Afloat - Interview with Paralympic Swimmer Toh Wei Soong

"It's true that I can't play soccer as well or run as fast as others, but they can't swim as fast." written by germaine leow | photos by singapore national paralympic council Diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, a rare neurological condition caused by the inflammation of the spinal cord

Catch Online
Wardrobe Essentials

Lose the complications, keep it simple with these neutrals and classic prints, we've got you covered! written by germaine leow and gwyn lim | models nicole lim and justin lim Pairing nude and solid colours make for a classic and elegant outfit. Simple and classic patterns like stripe

Schoolbag (Ministry of Education)

Entry to Polytechnic via the PFP - A Student's Perspective - Story

'Do not aim for the Polytechnic Foundation Programme only because you want to graduate as soon as possible. Aim for it if you want the foundation year to prepare yourself for the Diploma' The Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP), a one-year programme that is offered as an alternative to Secondary Five, offers a practice-oriented curriculum to prepare polytechnic-bound Secondary Four Normal (Academic) students for entry into relevant polytechnic diploma courses.

Discover NYP (Nanyang Polytechnic)

5 Places All New Students Need to Check Out in NYP

New to NYP and keen to check out what the campus has in store for you? These five new facilities will have you covered for work, play, food and much more! 1.Cheers - Singapore's first unmanned and cashless outlet Taking efficiency to a whole new level, the Cheers outlet at NYP is completely unmanned, with no cashiers and sales assistants.

5 Common Mistakes Not to Make During Examinations

With the semestral examinations round the corner, most of us would be hitting our books right about now. And while it's totally important that we're well prepared for the exam hall, there are five things you could do to totally torpedo your chances at success! Don't commit these mistakes!

5 Awesome reasons to choose Nanyang Polytechnic

The GCE 'N' and 'O' level results will be released soon, and whichever polytechnic you choose, the choice is in YOUR hands - yes, you! To our incoming freshmen of 2017, this is my take on why you should choose Nanyang Polytechnic. 1.Convenient Location!

Direct entry to poly via the PFP - a student's perspective

After I dropped to NA (Normal Academic) in Secondary 2, the PFP (Polytechnic Foundation Programme) was at the top of my wishlist. The PFP is a direct route into the poly after the N Levels. It meant that I could skip Secondary 5 and the O levels.

From Shunned Orchestra to Big Hit

There were only 10 members when the Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra (NYPCO) was first started in 1994. The Orchestra played traditional music, which most students could not appreciate, and thus had problems attracting members. Seeing the problem, then Student Affairs officer Ms Karen Ang decided that the Orchestra needed a change in repertoire.

Discover NYP: 10 Awesome Places to Visit in NYP

School is not all about studies and grades - especially if you spend most of your time in campus. One of the key benefits of studying in a Polytechnic would be all the awesome facilities.

Discover NYP: Back To School Blues? Or Not!

So the first semester did not go so well; you struggled with some modules, did not enjoy your group projects, student life, and were burned out at the end of the semester. Now that the long awaited semester break has come to an end, here are some tips on how to lead a more fulfilling semester!

Discover NYP: 10 Great Gifts You Can Get From D'Studio

One of the highlights of 2015's second semester for the campus would be the newly opened D'Studio. Not only is it spacious and aesthetically pleasing, it is also located at the heart of the campus (Block A, level 2), right next to Cheers.

Discover NYP: Is PFP Worth It? Two PFP Students Share Their Experiences

While most students proceed with tertiary education after obtaining an O-Level certificate or upon completing their studies in an ITE institution, Ryan Christian Misson (above) and Amira Binte Ismail (below) are part of a fortunate minority in Singapore's Normal (Academic) cohort - securing a spot in NYP a year earlier than their peers in secondary school.

Discover NYP: From Sec 4 to Year 0

My name is Germaine, Germaine Leow. Currently two months into my first year at Nanyang Polytechnic, I would be classified as a "freshie". Here's the catch though, while the other freshmen can remove the "freshie" label after a year, I will be spending two years in NYP as a freshman.

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