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Geraldine is a freelance writer. Pursuing her passion for the written word through academia in the acclaimed writing school of University of Wollongong. Her past times include the arduous task of drafting her first novel, and searching for the best rum cocktail in town.

Geraldine is currently working as a copywriter and marketer.

How to spot a fellow music nerd

Here at Audio Network, talking shop means talking music. Most of us are self-confessed music nerds. Outside of our office walls it doesn't stop either, but how do you spot a fellow music fanatic in the wider world?

Mind mapping: right brain vs left brain

Pop-psychology has had us believing for years that the two hemispheres of the brain are like your arms, with one being stronger than the other. A person's strengths and personality traits can be attributed to which side of the brain they use the most. If only it were that simple.

The Amen Break: 6 seconds that changed music forever

What are the most influential or popular four bars in Western contemporary music? It's likely your musical muscle memory rattled off a few options in terms of greatest band ever, greatest song, or maybe even greatest chorus. It's also likely that a song entitled 'Amen Brother' by The Winstons didn't even register anywhere on these lists you began to mentally compile.

Beaten Bodies Single Review - by Geraldine Pleitez

For every cookie cutter indie band, sporting the too cool expression and wearing their influences on their sleeve, there's a band like Beaten Bodies. I know it's hard to compare genres, but they are a great example of a group of talented musicians in their own right, getting together and really creating something that has a freshness to it.

Love at first swipe: fact or fiction? - BULLSH!T

Finger skating. Love at first swipe. If you swipe right you know it's right. Don't touch my breast unless you're a Tinder guest. All phrases that only entered our lexicon with the rise of a certain dating app over the past twelve months - so what does it all mean?

Review: Lost Midas - by Geraldine Pleitez

Jason Trikakis is a Los Angeles based producer and talented multi-instrumentalist whose musical pedigree includes touring as support for The Roots in band: The Honors. Hyper Phase is his latest offering, and follows up from his debut E.P. Memory Flux. Influences include indie electronic, hip hop, and 80s new wave.


Yeezus is an album that paints a man who's grappling with his racial heritage, consumerism and the dualism of the Yeezus persona - a man and a god. It captures the contemporary mood - a culture that glorifies celebrity, yet sycophantically cuts it down.

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