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I have always been passionate about writing — I was one of those geeky kids at university who actually enjoyed researching different topics and writing essays. I started a blog when I went travelling around Australia, just to scratch the writing itch that I was left with after graduating, and have been writing for both business and pleasure ever since.

I love art, culture, music, technology, food (doesn't everyone?) and all things digital — but I like to think I can write about pretty much anything (after a bit of a Google search, anyway).

This portfolio is a work in progress, but it's work nonetheless. Read it and weep (or hopefully not).

False Sense of Maturity
10 Things You Should Know About Drinking in London

1. It's absolutely okay to drink at any time of day, on any day of the week. This is the first rule. Don't let anyone ever tell you anything different. 2. Forget Friday, people celebrate the weekend on a Thursday. It may seem a bit premature but Fridays are a write off anyway.

Feeling Hungary? A Brief Guide to Gluten Free Budapest

I have just returned—and am still recovering—from a week away in the glorious city of Budapest. Five days of fun, sun and $2 bottles of champagne. Before I flew I had a typical and all-too-familiar panic about travelling to a new country as a coeliac. Luckily this is something I have learnt to cope with, so I made sure I had done my research and packed emergency Free From millionaire shortbread. If worse came to worst, I could live off of those for 5 days, right?

The Unknown Land of the South
Greetings Blogosphere!

Travel blogging is such an obvious thing to do. Totally unoriginal. Trouble is, I thought long and hard about how I could twist the classic 'ooh-look-at-me-I'm-going-travelling- look-at-all-these-exciting-things-I'm-doing' blog to make it more worthy and interesting, and I struggled. So it is what it is. Take it or leave it.

I Blame My Mum. Well Sort Of, Not Really... - myAllergy

People are always asking me, "So have you always been allergic to gluten?" and the truth is, I have never really had a good enough answer to that question. Firstly, I'm not actually allergic to gluten, I have coeliac disease; an autoimmune condition which affects the small intestine and means the immune system mistakes gluten ...

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