Georgie Craig

Freelance Writer/Editor

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I'm a storyteller who loves to connect with people and tell their stories. I've written for the San Francisco Chronicle, Red Herring Magazine, the Marin School of Environmental Leadership, and Reclaiming Magazine. Let me tell your tale!

COMMUNITY / Stories teach kids to tackle stereotypes

COMMUNITY / Stories teach kids to tackle stereotypes In a scene as ancient as culture, the storyteller began weaving a tale as the children stared at him with wondering eyes. Sitting cross-legged on a blue carpet at the Novato Youth Center's preschool, David Alan Moss raised his right arm straight from his face and made a trumpeting noise.

Ben & Jerry Give Scoop on Business

Ben and Jerry -- who donate 7.5 percent of their pretax profits to charity -- show that people can run a profitable company and stay true to their ideals, integrating social values into day-to-day business activities. Since business, they say, "is the most powerful force in society," it "has a responsibility for the welfare of society as a whole."

PCs Light Up Lives of Blind / Technology offers whole new lifestyle

PCs Light Up Lives of Blind / Technology offers whole new lifestyle For 4.3 million Americans with severe visual disabilities, personal computers are becoming a link to a more independent lifestyle. The personal computer revolution has transformed the working lives of blind people.

They're Never Too Old to Compute / Retirees jam SeniorNet's computer courses

with a little help from her friends, the retired schoolteacher and classical pianist is using Windows to edit videos on her Pentium personal computer. Andres, and her husband, John, are just two of thousands of seniors who have jumped into computing by taking classes at senior centers sponsored by a nonprofit organization in San Francisco called SeniorNet.