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✨Free-Lance Writer, Editor and Women's Self-Love Coach✨



✨Welcome to my personal page....

I am a features writer, editor and a women's self love coach.💖

I have contributed to renowned print and online publications in Shanghai, Tel Aviv and London including Women's Health Uk, Hip and Healthy, TimeOut and The Daily Telegraph.
My previous experience includes Managing Editor of multiple bi- weekly lifestyle and interior design based columns in leading UK newspapers . Food and travel writing are also subjects in which I am particularly enthused about, I also managed travel and food news pages for North London's luxury lifestyle title, Vantage Magazine, and Time Out Tel Aviv. This experience is complemented by my skills in web editing, research, content curation, and production.

I previously managed content for four online magazines Eternal, World Worldly and Absolutely From their inception, I created the vision, concept and content for each site, and gained a visit value of over 10 million users a month.

Writing is one of my many passions, helping to connect readers to the page, to words, to learning something new and engaging them into an experience.

I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, learning about a plethora of unique nutrition theories from top health professionals, becoming a qualified health and wellness coach for women, and am passionate about helping them find freedom from struggles with self-love, body image issues and self- confidence.

One of my biggest passions is helping women to see and embody the Goddess that they are! So that they live the life that they want and deserve. I'm all about Self-Love- feelin' the feels, diving into our shadows, owning our curves, edges cracks, stretch marks and scars- after all, that's what makes us unique and cements our mark on the world.

I love to create safe and sacred spaces for women to come back home to themselves, to be seen, heard, understood and celebrated. I run a Facebook Community called The Self Love Club, a virtual club for women to connect and share our paths, struggles, wins and wisdoms.

My passions and hobbies are writing and reading poetry, traveling, cooking, wellness, CrossFit, art (particularly French Impressionism), skiing, music, and women empowerment.

Here I have showcased a selection of my published works and online projects.

My email address is [email protected]

Hip & Healthy
Hip & Healthy Guide To Tel Aviv | Travel | Hip And Healthy

Tel Aviv has made its name as one of the 'hottest' cities in the world, not just in the Middle East. This melting pot of diverse culture, rich history, and flourishing music scene offers an enchanting buzz that is truly unique to this vibrant playground.

Every Other Freckle -

Every freckle, dimple, stretch mark and scar, Creates the blueprint of who you are. Knowing in this moment, that you are enough, No matter how uncomfortable it feels, or tough. Temples aren't perfect, they crumble and fall, You build them back up re erect, their walls.

School of Shine
An Ode to My Body | School of Shine

They tell you that the key to happiness and freedom is self-love and radical self-acceptance. And while that may be true, what about those dark moments when yo

School of Shine
How I Became My Own Role Model | School of Shine

Growing up I never felt that I belonged. There was always something wrong with me, I wasn't beautiful or skinny or girly, or cool enough. I longed to be anyone but myself. I looked at my sister with her perfect body, and my best friend who was desired by all men, and felt invisible.

Fantastic Funghi- The Superfood You Need In Your Life | EternalLifestyle

NATURE'S REMEDY Nature's medicine is fascinating, did you know that mushrooms contain thousands of healing anti oxidants and powerful properties that can help fight against cancer and other diseases? They boast an amazing spectrum of health benefits, from anti-tumour and anti-oxidant qualities, to depression and anxiety relief.

Letting Go Of Thoughts... The Power Of Mindfulness | EternalLifestyle

Just as clouds glide across the constant sky, our thoughts float in and out of our minds. So why is it often so hard to just accept and acknowledge them? As a train arrives and shortly leaves from a station, our many thoughts appear and then disappear.

The 3 Best Meditation Apps | EternalLifestyle

Meditation is no easy feat. Sitting in complete silence, alone with your thoughts for five to thirty minutes can be a daunting task. For anyone just starting out with meditation, they know how difficult it can be to quiet the "monkey mind" as it is called in Buddhist teachings.

Friday Feel Good Mantras | EternalLifestyle

The weekend is here, so what better way than giving ourselves some good old self care. These mantras are brilliant ways to get ourselves feeling confident and ready for anything that life throws at us. There is nothing like gratitude practice to set us up for positive thoughts.

Self-Care Tips For Healthy Mind, Body And Soul | EternalLifestyle

Make today all about you, and show yourself some tender loving care. Use this as an opportunity to pamper yourself, or do things you haven't found time to do. Here are some fun and easy self-care tips to really show yourself some love today. Pampering Spend today pampering yourself.

Absolutely Connected
Tel Aviv's Best Vegan Friendly Breakfasts | Absolutely Connected

Tel Aviv has a burgeoning vegan friendly cafe scene that is definitely to be admired. We have put together the hottest spots in the hipster chic city. Anastasia Vegans will rejoice at this hot spot. Their mouth-watering raw desserts are a must. The restaurants also boasts an abundance of gluten-free dishes.

How To Create A New Moon Ritual | EternalLifestyle

As a new moon approaches, it represents the start of a new lunar cycle, symbolizing beginnings. The new moon marks a fresh start, a powerful time for reflection, and an opportunity to let go of the old. It is a chance to release, to surrender, and to accept what has been, while opening your heart ...

What Your Skin Says About You | EternalLifestyle

Face mapping is an ancient practice that derived from Indian Ayurvedic teaching. It connects different areas on your face, to a specific organ inside your body, so that if you break out or have problems with a certain area of your skin, you know where internally something is not balanced.

Melbourne's Best Brunches | EternalLifestyle

Melbourne is a melting pot of healthy cafes, that boast menus of the freshest and most inventive dishes. This is the city that knows how to do brunch believe us. It is worth a trip to this traveler friendly city for sure! Chapel Street is where it's at.

Breakfast Goals- Healthy Protein Pancakes | EternalLifestyle

This deliciously healthy recipe will hit the sweet spot without maxing out your daily calorie count. Scroll down for the tastiest sugar-free, low carb, gluten free pancakes, and enjoy a flipping healthy protein-power fueled breakfast. Ingredients: 1 scoop protein powder of choice ( we love Sunwarrior plant-based protein) 3 egg whites 1/2 cup gluten free ...

A Cosy Favorite- Spiced Chai Latte | EternalLifestyle

Let's savor the season upon us. Crispy cool mornings call for warm mugs filled with homemade cozy treats, and fresh chai is certainly one of them. This vegan friendly, dairy-free delicious drink is bursting with flavor and rich in spices. This the answer to happiness this fall.

The Latest Luxury Hotels To Open In Israel | WorldTravelling

2018 in Israel is offering jet-setters a lot to look forward to with stunning new hotels opening across the country. Several boutique hotels are popping up in Tel Aviv, and a desert spa will open its doors for enjoying sunsets over the Arava Valley. The Setai Located in the heart of the ancient port city ...

10 Happy Healthy Habits To Adopt This Spring | EternalLifestyle

Trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain it can be a challenge. So let's make gratitude our attitude, and focus on the positives in our lives, and how we can add to those. That's why we've created a list of 10 happy habits, that you can easily add to your current routine, so that ...

Why You Need To Head To This Healthy Tel Aviv Hot Spot | EternalLifestyle

As the wellness industry continues to grow, more and more of us are becoming health conscious, swapping our daily frappucinos for matcha lattes and superfood smoothies. Tel Aviv's health food scene is booming, with an abundance of delicious vegan friendly, raw cafes and juice bars popping up around the funky city.

Breathe And Receive-The Healing Power Of The Breath | EternalLifestyle

When a baby is born, the first thing they do is take their first breath. Breathing is what keeps us alive, it replenishes our lungs, it cleanses our cells, detoxes our energy pathways and helps us to think clearly. Breathing exercises are extremely beneficial for helping with anxiety and depression.

The Four Sentences That Will Heal Your Life | EternalLifestyle

Here is a little secret, everything happens to you in your mind. Everything you see, everything you hear, everyone you meet, it all happens in that mind of yours. With that in mind, you are solely responsible for everything you think, and everything that comes your way.

Why Taking Care Of Your Thoughts Is So Important | EternalLifestyle

Why are our thoughts so important? Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character.

4 Of The Most Delicious Healthy Breakfast Ideas | EternalLifestyle

Say hello to healthy breakfasts that will keep you motivated, and feeling your best. These breakfast ideas will get those taste buds tantalized, and fill your gut with goodness. Berry Breakfast Chia Pudding Chia seeds are full of fibre and notorious for keeping you fuller for longer.

The Best Vegan-Friendly Easter Eggs | EternalLifestyle

Spring is in the air, and for chocoholics that means only one thing. It is time to get stocking up on those Easter eggs. Inspired by the traditional symbolism of the egg as promising new life, anyone who's started a new life as a vegan or is dairy intolerant, may find it difficult to enjoy ...

Top Travel Hotspots: Summer Adventures In Israel | EternalLifestyle

The unique combination of fascinating history, breathtaking scenery, and wonderful weather makes Israel an ideal holiday destination. With so much to see and do it is impossible to get bored. Israel offers an abundance of beautiful beaches, exhilarating adventures, outdoor activities, and a wealth of culture.

London's Hippest Coffee Hotspots | WorldTravelling

England's capital is a melting pot of culture, great food, buzzing atmosphere and of course top-notch coffee. Check out our list of the best places to get a delicious brew in this vibrant city. Attendant This former public bathroom is now a charming coffee bar.

Your Après Ski Hot List Covered | WorldTravelling

Ski season is here! When planning your next adventure, there is no better way to bask in the cold, than to put on your cozy cashmere, slurp on some rum and hot chocolate, and hit the ski slopes. Après ski awaits, and we have the perfect pistes for the job.....

Your Healthy Restaurant Guide To NYC | WorldTravelling

The wellness scene in New York is growing daily. Healthy restaurants and juice bars are popping up on every corner, so take your pick from these latest hot spots to check out this summer. ABCV Chef Jeans Georges knows how to make food, that is no secret.

The Best Breakfast Spots In Washington D.C | EternalLifestyle

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when traveling on a fun city break, you have to try the top spots worth going there for. After all, this is the most exciting part of the visit. We have rounded up the best DC spots prove that breakfast is worth ...

Absolutely Connected
Freshen Your Skin With Our Favorite Face Oils For Fall | Absolutely Connected

No matter your skin type, using face oils will revolutionize your skincare routine. We guarantee you will see instant benefits, because when you use oil on your face, it all sinks in straight away. Furthermore, most oils are already naturally packed with beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants, polyphenols, and omega fatty acids that your skin ...

Absolutely Connected
5 Simple Steps to Better, Beautiful Skin | Absolutely Connected

There is no greater gift that we can give our future selves, than the gift of good health. Taking care of your skin is of prime importance when it comes to ageing with grace. Here are ten simple tips to help to keep your skin in the very best condition.

Vincent Van Gogh's Painting In The Open Air: A Must See Exhibition | WorldlyReview

Vincent Van Gogh's paintings exist today as spontaneous outpourings of his creative energy. The museum in Amsterdam holds some of his most famous pieces, and it is definitely worth a visit. The viewer is immediately drawn to the work as the sky and stars pulsate with aureoles of white, green or blue scrolling from left ...

London's Top Vegan Friendly Hotspots | WorldTravelling

When it comes to cuisine, compassion is in. Veganism is no longer met with an eye roll and a suggested steak. Choosing a plant-based diet is a small but revolutionary act. A vegan lifestyle inevitably means a healthier one that is cruelty-free and actively minimizing your impact on the environment.

6 Brilliant Benefits Of Tai Chi | EternalLifestyle

Are you bored of the same workouts? Has the running machine become monotonous? This unique gentle form of exercise will wake your body up like you've never felt before, and have you feeling fitter and finer than ever.... Tai Chi is an ancient form of meditation that incorporates gentle movements encouraging balance, focus, flexibility, and ...

3 Ways To Empower Women To Start Loving Themselves | EternalLifestyle

We've been conditioned to compare ourselves to others, to constantly strive for more, to want to be better, thinner, prettier or more successful. We were taught that our appearances mattered more than our intelligence, our thoughts, our dreams, and our creativity. We have learned to base our self-worth on our appearances, and status.

How To Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet | EternalLifestyle

Whether it is to get fitter, eat healthier, spend less money, or take more time for yourself- we all want to make changes in the new year. Lets make 2018 the year of positivity, self-love and releasing our true potential. So how can we do this? We have the lowdown...

5 Morning Rituals To Help You Win The Day | EternalLifestyle

Starting your morning with these 5 simple tools from Tim Ferris will set you up for the day and get your creative juices flowing. These rituals will facilitate your productivity and happy mood, so try incorporate these now and see what a difference it makes. You wake what?

Philippines Travel Guide: Your Gateway To Pure Paradise | EternalLifestyle

Clear skies, crystal azure waters, soft white sand, world class diving, this is what dreams are made of, and yours can come true with a trip to the Philippines. This south-east Asian archipelago is home to over 7000 islands, and really is the definition of pure paradise.

6 Deliciously Healthy Breakfast Bowls To Get You Out Of Bed | EternalLifestyle

Kick-start your morning the right way, with these nutrient dense breakfast bowls that will fire up your metabolism, tantalize those taste buds and keep you full until lunch. Clean and Lean Breakfast Bowl Get your greens in at the beginning of the day to set your mind, body, and soul up for success.

6 Secrets To Unleashing Your Full Potential | EternalLifestyle

Do you have goals and dreams that you want to turn into reality, but you feel stuck, or that something is holding you back? Here's a little secret for you.... You can achieve it; you have the capability, you just didn't know it yet. So start today with these helpful hacks to releasing your full ...

A Healthy City Guide To Barcelona | EternalLifestyle

Barcelona has fast cemented itself as the 'go-to' European travel destination. Known for its famous architecture, delectable dishes, white sandy beaches, and favored party scene, there are a plethora of reasons to visit. With a burgeoning health-food scene and a coffee culture to be admired, visitors can delight in the wealth of healthy gluten-free and vegetarian ...

Fare Healthy
The Benefits of Organic Food

With the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle growing rapidly, it seems that everyone is talking about organic foods. So is it just a status symbol? Or is organic food really the way we should be going? WHAT IS ORGANIC FOOD?

Determine Your Body Type And Shed Fat Fast With Ayurveda

Have you tried everything going and and still cant lose weight? Fad diets are a recipe for disaster! Try a holistic approach instead. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian healing system, focused on the ability to understand your individual body and its needs.

How To Pack For A Festival: Your Essentials Sorted

Festival season is here! There are so many aspects to put together before you can let loose and leave reality. In order to enjoy your experience to the max- this go-to- guide will ease all of your worries and ensure that all of your essentials are sorted. Let's get packing!

Pimp Your Porridge

Porridge is the king of superfoods, packing a nutritional punch to power you through your day. Go with the grain and cement this bowl of goodness into your daily breakfast routine. But porridge doesn't have to be boring, pimp your porridge the right way, for an explosion of taste and extra added health benefits.

Women's Health UK
6 New Nut Butters + The Toppings To Enhance Their Flavour

The next gen of spreads is on the shelves and they're even more nutritious than the last batch. Now blended with chia seeds, flax seeds and more almond, peanut and cashew butters run the gamut from sweet to savory.

Women's Health UK
Shops that double as studios - the new workout clubs to book now

Has your love of Lycra crippled your class-fund and left you no option but to watch re-runs of The Night Manager in your leggings? If so, this roundup is for you. Up and down the country the sportiest fashion brands have re-fitted their shops added workout studios and more.

Women's Health UK
8 Flipping Healthy Pancake Toppings

Pancake Day doesn't have to max out your macros or sabotage your clean eating. Trust us. The supermarkets are stacked with nutritious and delicious alternatives to syrupy treats and they won't make you feel lousy tomorrow morning. Scroll down for the tastiest low-fat, low-sugar and high protein toppings.

Hip & Healthy
How To Make 2016 Your Most Balanced Year Yet - Hip & Healthy

Whether it is to get fitter, healthier, spend less money, be kinder to others- we all want to make changes here and there. However there is a fine line between practicing self-care, and pushing yourself too hard in the gym, restricting your diet, or working too many hours at the office.

Hip & Healthy
Top 5 Superfoods For 2016 - Hip & Healthy

Unleash your wellness warrior this year with these top five super foods that will help you to feel the hippest and healthiest version of you. Matcha Matcha tea is an easy and simple way to add powerful health benefits to your everyday diet.

Hip & Healthy online wellbeing magazine
Fitsperation: An interview with Kayla Itsines

At just 23 years old, Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines has become a squatting sensation. With over one million instagram followers, and a dedicated army of fans known as #kaylas army, this fitness guru is taking over the workout world one box jump at a time. I used my initiative to cement an interview with the beauty on arriving to London as part of her bootcamp world tour.

The Daily Telegraph
The A-List

This 20 page interiors directory offers readers an exclusive guide to the top need-to-know names in the world of interiors. I was the creative director. My role was to take charge of curating the entire project. I designed the layout, wrote all of the content, edited, sub edited, and managed the sales team.

The Daily Telegraph
Spring at Home

I was in charge of writing, editing and designing Alison at Home's quarterly supplement Spring at Home - giving readers spring interiors inspiration for their home.

The Daily Telegraph
Better Homes and Gardens

I took ownership of this weekly column, offering readers interiors inspiration for their homes and gardens

The Daily Telegraph
9 Of The Best Summer Trends

I created the concept for a new interiors column- offering readers 9 top editor's picks of unique and interesting seasonal finds for the home.

Daily Telegraph
Bargain Hunter

As Head of Editorial for lifestyle guru Alison Cork, I was in charge of curating, writing, managing and editing her weekly interiors column 'Bargain Hunter' in the Daily Telegraph- offering readers the best buys for the home.

North west London's luxury lifestyle title 'Vantage Magazine'
An Afternoon With Marion

A three page interview with esteemed London interior designer Marion Lichtig

Vantage Magazine
December Travel hotspots

As features writer for North West London's luxury lifestyle title, I was in charge of curating, writing and editing the travel news page each month, offering readers the top new luxury holiday destinations worldwide.

Time Out Israel:July 2013 Digital Issue
'Summer Lovin'

I created the concept for this issue 'summer lovin' giving a guide to the best of summer in Israel. (pages 10-30)

Cityweekend Magazine Shanghai
Art Review: Ann Yen's Bright, Minimalist | City Weekend

The solo exhibition " Lines in Colors " by Chinese artist Ann Yen contains a series of brightly-colored, minimalist portraits spread across two rooms of Leo Gallery. Upon entering, the viewer finds six large frames across one wall, each containing silk prints of either red, blue, green, yellow, black or white, onto which are scribbled an outline of a naked figure.

City Weekend Shanghai
Celebrity Interview with The Fray

I interviewed the lead guitarist of world renowned American Indie band 'The Fray' on their first ever performance in Shanghai.