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George Kruger III

Writer and Advisor

Location icon United States

How's it goin'? The name's George and I consider myself an aspiring writer of sorts in both a more traditionally academic focus as well as a creative one. I find a distinct pleasure in the capacity for weaving--and manipulating--rhetorical styles together for the purpose of cultivating a particular unified voice within specific works.

Although my creative enterprises have been more or less self taught, I have more traditional experience in exploring the historical genealogy of language as well as the specific philosophies of rhetoric and argumentation via the written and spoken word as is evidenced in my earning of degrees in both United States History and Western Philosophy.

Environmental History of Kennesaw

A dissection of the effect of environmental aspects of the Battle of Noonday Creek. This was a group project of which I was responsible for writing section II.

Gender in Pop Culture

A discussion of how gender is portrayed in the medium of video games.