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Genni Burkhart

Editorial Writer, Editor, Content Manager & Ghost Writer

Location icon United States

Energetic, intelligent and driven professional with over 8 years of communications experience as an editor, writer, ghostwriter and journalist for mainstream media, trade publications, magazines, investment capital and the cannabis industry. Thrives on connecting with clients and the global community through clear communications, effective marketing tactics and innovative editorial writing. Exceptional ability to create marketing messages, news worthy content and engaging articles.

Williston Herald
Author chronicles Missouri River trip

When Larry Campbell, an explorer and retired math professor from Missouri State University made a 51-day exploration of the Missouri River, he went searching not just for the scenic beauty of the river, but for the unique people and communities that inhabit the Missouri's banks.

As Cannabis Legalization Sweeps the Globe, Michael Maloney Seeks to Further Decriminalize...

BOSTON, Nov. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a statement from Michael Maloney, independent candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney: As a criminal defense attorney I believe cannabis legalization epitomizes the very essence of criminal justice reform. While the criminal justice system is slow to catch up, cannabis has experienced massive global changes in 2018 at an undeniably record pace.

Illinois Allows People to Choose Medical Cannabis Over Opioids

A bill that will significantly expand access to medical cannabis in Illinois was signed into law today by Governor Rauner. Opioid SB 0336 makes cannabis available as a replacement to opioid painkillers and eases the application process for qualifying patients.

Williston Herald
A flu shot could save not only your own life, but someone else's

In addition to the UMUHD and doctor's officers, two Williston pharmacies offer flu shots. While both accept most insurance the cost of the shot without insurance varies. The flu vaccine takes two weeks to become fully effective, therefore the best way to be prepared is by getting a flu shot well in advance of flu season.

Key Factor in Improving Overall Public Safety is Bail Reform | Boston Herald | Boston Herald

BOSTON, Oct. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a statement by Michael Maloney, Independent Candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney: At any given time, jails in the United States incarcerate approximately 700,000 people. More than half of these individuals are misdemeanor level or lower (non-violent) offenders who simply cannot afford to post bail.

The Avant-garde Legacy of Dr. James Warson: Cannabis Pioneer

During the 1970s cannabis was widely known as "hippie weed" and came mainly from illegal imports. While some was confiscated during police raids and used for cannabis research, very little was actually known about the medicinal benefits of cannabis.