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Gemma Taylor

Writer / Photographer

Location icon United Kingdom

Gemma produces stories for the media and charities, collaborating with individuals to document personal experiences that highlight a social issue.

Based between Brighton and Macclesfield, UK.

The Independent
People are throwing a gay pride festival in a country where homosexuality is banned

Every year in August, a small rural village outside of Mandalay transforms into Burma's unofficial gay village. "It's a chance to meet guys from all across the country," says Moe Kyaw, "when it's normally hard to find one!" He travelled here to Taung Pyone from Bagan five days ago, and is clearly smitten with new boyfriend, Nay Lin.

The Independent
Why Matlock Bath is the best 'seaside' town that's nowhere near the sea

It may be nearly 100 feet above sea level, but with roughly one fish and chip shop per 100 residents, there's something distinctively seasidey about Matlock Bath. An old spa town in a valley of lush woodland, it's been referred to as Little Switzerland, as well as cropping up in "best places to retire" type lists.

Gemma Taylor Photo
Into the Lion's Den

First featured in Msafiri magazine. Walking in the footsteps of the big five in the Mara Naboisho. My small plane descends towards the airstrip, to delighted, overlapping exclamations, all starting with "I can see a ...", followed by "giraffe", "zebra", "wildebeest" and even "lion". Naboisho, in the Maasai Mara, is an area where Kenya's wildlife...

Frontline AIDS
Gay refugees face violence and hunger | Frontline AIDS

One evening Didier closed up his shop for the day and went to meet friends for a party, but he had no idea his life was about to change so drastically. "I miss everything. The way my life was in Kenya was the complete opposite [to here in Malawi]," says Didier*, 27.

Frontline AIDS
The systematic abuse of India's female opiate users - Frontline AIDS

Despite India having the largest number of heroin users in Asia according to the UN, the number of women that make up these figures is unknown. The lack of a gender breakdown, along with India's prevailing gender stereotypes, allows for a presumption that smoking or injecting chitta, brown sugar, or number four, is largely a male pursuit.

Make Medicines Affordable
Kularb's story: Optimal treatment would reduce HIV-related stigma

"I was told I'd have to wait for 10 more people to die before I could get treatment." Kularb found out she was living with HIV at the same time that she was expecting her baby. "My husband's parents were so afraid of becoming infected that they tried to force me out of their house."

Make Medicines Affordable
Drug users under the microscope: Temo's experience in Georgia

"I was in prison when I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B," says Temo, 33. "I was just left with the news with no information." Temo is living with both Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. He has treatment for one virus but not the other.

Frontline AIDS
I thought my life had ended at 12 | Frontline AIDS

At 19, Mariam Nansereko's life looks vastly different from her early teenage years. Now a peer counsellor at Kisakye Youth Centre based at MildMay Uganda and running a small sewing business, Mariam is working towards a future she thought she would never have.

Shutter Hub
CLOSE UP: Gemma Taylor - Not a "Girly Girl" - Shutter Hub

We are taking a Close Up look at some of the projects we are exhibiting in Everything I Ever Learnt at Cambridge University with Art at the ARB, sharing more of a behind the scenes insight, and the bigger picture. Shutter Hub member Gemma Taylor is a documentary and charity photographer and writer based in Macclesfield, UK.

Gemma Taylor Photo
Featured! 'Not a Girly Girl' in Amber Magazine

"When I left school, I thought OK, I'll teach myself how to be a man," Bea tells me. "I've been a mechanic, a security guard, a bouncer, a private investigator, a bailiff and a high court sheriff." Fast-forward to November 2017 and Bea is accepting the crown for Miss Transgender UK 2017/18 in Brighton.

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