Gee Whizz (aka Gemma Witchalls)

Editor at Steel Media Ltd

United Kingdom

In my spare time (jokes, who has any of that these days?) I'm an artist, tattooer and musician. I'm passionate about alternative culture, the human experience and making up silly words.

As an ex-archaeologist I get easily distracted by old (especially industrial) stuff, and will talk your ear off about anything hinting at the Fortean. Always down for an in-depth discussion about the work of Douglas Adams or your favourite festival - or a game of Magic the Gathering.

I've worked in editorial (print and digital) and content creation roles for over a decade now, being head-hunted by the national press in the early days of Twitter and going on to work as a social media consultant before becoming a professional festival reviewer (I know that doesn't sound like a real job) and making my own fun by inserting oblique references to nerd culture into my writing.

I like to try new things, learn new skills, meet new people and, most importantly, have fun. Send me a message, let's chat about stuff, or at least be friends on Pokemon Go!

*A note on formatting - some of the below stories appeared on a now defunct website, and I no longer have access to the associated images. The words are all there! But you'll have to use your imagination for the visuals, I'm afraid. Soz!*


Arts & Culture

Cornish Stuff
Clowning Around With 3 Daft Monkeys

You wouldn’t think that waltzing around an industrial building was much of a thing in these modern times, but you’d be so, so wrong.

Games & Beyond
Trending right now: The rise of 'Cute' NFTs

In a report by William M. Peaster, analysis has shown that the cutest of the NFT projects are taking the lead at the moment, although nobody is really sure why. Of course, the concept of cuteness is subjective, but in general what they all have in common is colourful design, adorable names and an overall cheerful vibe.
Metanomic Launches AI-powered Analytics, Thunderstruck

This week sees the global launch of Thunderstruck, a new player analysis product from Metanomic. Touted as a revolutionary tool for game developers, it is the first ever video game analytics platform utilising AI-powered behavioural analytics.
Have yourself a luxury gaming christmas, with Chanel and Kenzo

First up, Chanel. The legendary design house is dipping its toes into the world of gaming with Chanel Moon Walk, just in time for Christmas. The game transports the player to the moon on a space shuttle, where they must destroy meteorites and catch beauty products.