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After 15 years on the tactical side of Army intelligence and two years of local 3-gun I got my NRA certification and spent over 1,900 hours teaching defensive shooting. Wanting to reach farther I began writing about firearms and related subjects. I now contribute to and while augmenting those articles with videos I host on my YouTube page. These are all shared in my Facebook community which makes for a total four different demographics and circles to spread the word about products tested.
My day job is in the outdoor industry hence I use a pen name to keep hobby and profession separate.

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VIDEO: Why Using the Slide Release Is Faster After a Mag Change

You've emptied your pistol. You need to change your magazine. What's the best course of action to move your slide forward after the mag change? Our friend Graham Baates, AKA GBGuns, says, "Use the slide release." Baates says there really is no single method that is the "best," but his is meant to be fast. Shooting Sports News
Jard J68 in 9mm, The Ultimate Bullpup? ~ Gun Review & VIDEO

By Graham Baates YouTube personality, Graham Baates, gives us a video breakdown of the Jard J68 in 9mm. USA - -( Bullpups have risen and fallen in popularity over the years. Delivering rifle-level power and performance in a package as compact as 26″ is a major attraction. Shooting Sports News
Ruger LCP II Pistol vs Ruger LCP Pistol ~ Review VIDEO

By Graham Baates YouTube personality, Graham Baates, gives us a video and photo break down of the Ruger LCP II Pistol vs Ruger LCP Pistol . USA - -( The Ruger LCP handgun has been out for several years and wildly popular for several reasons. Shooting Sports News
Arion Compact Ported Suppressor Field Trial & Review ~ VIDEO

By Graham Baates YouTube personality, Graham Baates, gives us an exclusive video review of the Arion Compact Ported Suppressor. USA - -( Arion is a small company based in Portland, Oregon who is changing the way we look at suppressors. Shooting Sports News
Zenith Firearms Threatens to Change the Custom 1911 Industry ~ VIDEO

By Graham Baates YouTube personality, Graham Baates, highlights the great value or Zenith Firearms Custom 1911 Tactical / Target Package. USA - -( Better known for their, "Z-Gun," Roller-locking pistols made to H&K standards, Zenith Firearms has started a revolution in 1911 offerings. They began with various models manufactured by Tisas.

The Loadout Room
The Truth About Gun Tests: The Accuracy of Modern Firearms - The Loadout Room

by Graham Baates Gun tests are everywhere. It seems that for every make and model there is a report of amazing results, especially if it's in a pay-for-play magazine or on a pay-for-play YouTube channel. Countering those claims are often dozens of e-experts who claim the most terrible experiences ever not recorded.

The Loadout Room
CM9 Gen 2: Better Gun, Better Value: VIDEO - The Loadout Room

by Graham Baates You may not have ever heard of Sarsilmaz, but chances are you've already benefited from their manufacturing. They are the largest private arms manufacturer in Turkey and make everything from handguns to aircraft parts for Boeing. That's right, Sarsilmaz is a private company so before you get excited about making comments think.

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