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Journalism graduate from DCU. Freelance journalist. Lives in Dublin.


Irish Daily Mirror - Page Leads

Ireland the most expensive country in the world to buy alcohol, study reveals

Ireland is the most expensive country in the world to buy alcohol, a study has revealed. A survey carried out by the Support Your Local campaign shows excise duty on beer has increased by 44% since 2012. The average price of a pint in this country is €4.67, according to the research.

Glasnevin: The place where you'll find over one and a half million Dubliners

It's the place where you'll find the stories of more than one and a half million Dubliners - but none of them will be able to speak to you. Glasnevin Cemetery is the last resting place for the famous and the infamous - ordinary men and women lie side by side with those who changed the face of history.

Overtime costing workers an extra 25 days of graft a year

Overtime is costing workers an extra 25 days of graft a year - almost cancelling out our annual holidays, it has emerged. A third of staff admit to working an extra five hours a week unpaid. This adds up to about 200 hours or 25 days of unpaid work a year.

Thousands of cars recalled because of potentially faulty airbags

Thousands of cars have been recalled because of potentially faulty airbags. Some of the world's biggest carmakers are involved, including Toyota and Nissan. There could be as many as 100,000 vehicles recalled by manufacturers nationwide. Toyota has said just under 27,000 cars sold between 2003 and 2007 - Yaris, Corolla, Avensis Verso and RAV4 models - are involved.

Watch dramatic moment Irish Navy save stranded migrants in Mediterranean Sea

This video shows the moment heroic Irish Navy sailors saved 201 stranded asylum seekers from certain death in the Mediterranean Sea on Thursday. They rescued a further 300 migrants, 45 kilometres North of Tripoli this morning. The migrants were on board a barge that was attempting to cross the South Central Mediterranean.

Ryanair soars as airline records 66% surge in profits

Michael O'Leary's firm put the rocketing figures down to a new charm approach towards customers Ryanair's profits have sky-rocketed by a massive 66%, figures have revealed. The airline said that full year profit after tax at the end of March was €867million.

Katie's at it again: Star at the centre of ANOTHER twitter storm

The former model has hit headlines after posting a loaded tweet suggesting she had a fling with footballer Joe Hart - just hours after he got married Former glamour model Katie Price has sparked controversy again by posting a loaded tweet suggesting she had a fling with footballer Joe Hart - just hours after he got married.

Protest held at Chinese Embassy in Dublin against Yulin 'Dog meat festival'

Dogs led a protest march to the Chinese Embassy in Dublin today to protest against the savage Yulin 'Dog meat festival'. Animal rights group ARAN organised the march to call for an end to the the cruel festival, where dogs are sliced open, boiled and blow-torched before their flesh is sold.

Rory's Stories star hoping his GAA parodies can lead to spot on Irish television

A Facebook sensation is hoping his GAA parodies and other funny videos can lead to his "ultimate goal" of a spot on Irish television. Rory O'Connor, from Ashbourne, Meath, is the face behind the popular 'Rory's Stories' page on the social media site. The 28-year-old regularly posts up comical videos of himself in exaggerated situations.

Who the Fech are all these saints?

St Patrick's Day is celebrated the world over in honour of Ireland's patron saint. The Welsh-born evangelist is arguably the most famous saint in history and festivals and parades are held across the globe every year to celebrate him. But while he might be the most well-known, Patrick isn't the only saint Ireland country can lay claim to.

Dublin hotel price hikes of 26% slammed as 'crazy' by consumer chiefs

Soaring prices of hotel rooms in Dublin are "crazy" and will "come back to bite" the tourism industry, consumer chiefs have warned. Rooms in the capital have surged to an average of €167 this month. Hotel search site trivago's price index found the cost of a standard double had increased by 26% since June last year.

Hero Irish crew of the LÉ Eithne brings another 399 migrants onto land

The hero crew of the LÉ Eithne brought another 399 migrants onto dry land today. They were rescued over the weekend in two separate operations in the Mediterranean Sea. 310 of them were saved by Irish naval officers on Saturday morning. The rest were found on Sunday aboard two inflatable crafts, 75 kilometres north of Libya.

40% of Irish households will NOT have private pensions

Retirement will be a daunting prospect for many workers as 40% of Irish households will not have private pensions. That means of the 2.1 million working population, roughly 830,000 of them will rely on the State pension to support them during their later years.

Water rescue heroes honoured: Damien Dempsey among 35 of Ireland's bravest rescuers

Thirty-five of Ireland's bravest rescuers have been honoured for their heroics at a glittering awards ceremony. Environment Minister Alan Kelly presented the heroes with their "SEIKO Just in Time Rescue Award" in appreciation for saving 22 lives. Dublin folk singer Damien Dempsey was among those honoured at the annual Irish Water Safety's National Awards Ceremony in Dublin Castle today.

Irish Daily Mirror - News Tops

Tayto crisp sandwiches are now available to buy on Aer Lingus short haul flights

Tayto crisp sandwiches are now available on all Aer Lingus flights. The new summer bia menu launched last week includes the new crisp sambo, which is available on short haul flights, including European destinations. Strong demand has been reported for the snack by passengers, particularly by young families jetting off on summer holidays.

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Video: Shocking moment woman spits on man on Dublin's Parnell Street

This is the shocking moment a woman spat on a man in the centre of Dublin. The image comes from a video shot on Parnell St yesterday. In it, the white woman in the dark jacket is seen confronting a black man wearing a light jacket and brown cap on the side of the street as a group of people pass between the two.

The College View

DCU's Student Newspaper
They Should've Stopped at One: Sequels That Never Should Have Happened

Chuck Palahniuk shocked fans when he announced Fight Club 2: The Cult, a sequel to his cult novel Fight Club and the cult film of the same name starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. The soon-to-be-released sequel will be a continuance of the book in graphic novel form.

DCU's Student Newspaper
Kapow: The Great Comic Book Explosion

Television series Gotham, The Flash and Constantine have all debuted in the last month. The new seasons of Arrow, Marvel's Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Walking Dead have also started to air in the last four weeks.

DCU's Student Newspaper
Review: Interstellar

In the near future, Earth is no longer able to support human life and the next generation will either starve due to lack of food or suffocate due to poisonous gasses from the atmosphere. Earth's only hope is to look to the stars for a new planet to call home.

Pundit Arena

Pundit Arena
CM Punk Falls Out With WWE, Signs For UFC

Former World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar CM Punk has signed a multi fight deal with mixed martial arts company the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Punk, who's real name is Phil Brooks, walked out on the WWE back in January but was not formally fired until June. Punk claimed he walked out over health reasons.

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Teams' Playing Styles: Southampton

In the first of a series looking at Premier League teams' playing styles, Gavin Nolan takes us through the style of play which Ronald Koeman has got his Southampton side playing this season. In 2007 Southampton were in fear of relegation to League Two.

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Celtic's Downfall Leading to Most Exciting Scottish League in Years

Celtic are struggling in this year's domestic campaign and Gavin Nolan argues that this dip in form can only be good for Scottish football. The top tier in Scottish football has never been as open than it has been this season. Celtic currently lie 6 th in a league in which they are supposed to win quite comfortably.

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Rankings Are Meaningless In Euro 2016 Qualifiers

Following the recent international break, Gavin Nolan discusses how the importance of rankings during the qualifying campaign for Euro 2016 is becoming meaningless when looking at the current group positions.

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The Curious Case Of Barcelona's Pedro Rodriguez

Favoured by Pep Guardiola once upon a time and now castaway to the sidelines, Gavin Nolan discusses what made Barcelona's Pedro go from first team regular to bench frequenter. The Barcelona team managed by Guardiola between 2008 and 2012 is seen by many as arguably the best team in the modern era of professional football.

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Mayweather vs Pacquiao - Six Years Too Late

It's the fight boxing fans have craved for years. But the as both fighters age and boxing wanes, is Mayweather - Pacquiao coming too late? The boxing world went into frenzy last week when the long awaited superfight between the two best pound-for-pound fighters of the last ten years was finally announced.

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Will The Copa America Destroy This Year's Champions League Final?

With the Champions League entering its later stages, the remaining eight teams in the competition all harbour genuine hopes of lifting the trophy in Berlin in June. Unfortunately, there is a real chance that some players will be missing on the big day, regardless of whether their team reaches the final or not.