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A career "ad man" I have an extensive background in producing print collateral, including concept, layout, photography, writing, and print production.

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Fifty Shades of Red

Shade of Red is ready to get back to gigging after taking a break of nearly a year to woodshed new material, and their return to the stage on June 1 at Peach's will feature a wealth of new songs and sounds.

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Whisky. Rock. Repeat.

"Female fronted is not a genre" reads a slogan reposted on Erica Blinn's Instagram page, referring to a complaint often heard from female musicians who get grouped together on that basis alone, rather than the content of their music.

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Knight wields a mighty axe at Taffy's

Django Knight is a young man with an old soul. "I just turned 24," Knight told me in a recent interview. He has a great attitude, a great talent, and a great story, so I'm just going to get out of the way and let him tell it.

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Yoopers running amok

Troy Civic Theatre presents Jeff Daniels' "Escanaba in Da Moonlight" Jeff Bryant (seated), Paul Robinson (center) and Scott Atkinson (right) yoop it up in "Escanaba." By Gary McBride Judging from the title, the Troy Civic Theatre's new production "Escanaba in Da Moonlight" may sound romantic or exotic, however, the p

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Characters welcome

Dr. Sketchy Dayton, not your average "drink and draw" At a recent Dr. Sketchy event: Ileana Gray in her traditional Dia de los Muertos outfit and make-up. By Gary McBride When artists gather for Dr. Sketchy, they're treated to something different every time.

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The Docket

The Docket, 16 collected columns selected and written by GM


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