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I write about videogames while waiting for death.

Some of the foolish outlets I've tricked into publishing my words: Cliqist, PlayStation Enthusiast, 8BitChimp, Backwards Compatible.

More recently, I've explored video essays, and will soon be making my first appearance in print media.

Feel free to fire an e-mail to [email protected]. I don't bite (unless I'm feeling particularly mischievous).


Showcase Features

Is the Term 'Videogame' Outdated?

Videogame. It's a term we hear bandied about every day, yet seldom do we think about its relevance. In recent years, we've seen the release of several titles that have challenged our definitions of what we consider to be a 'game'.

How Forsaken Fortress Clawed its Way Back from the Dead

Here's an interesting one. Back in December 2012, Kickstarter project Forsaken Fortress reached its funding goal, with 3,535 backers pledging $121,096 towards the development of the game. Forsaken Fortress was pitched as a 3D isometric RPG with a post-apocalyptic aesthetic. It's not hard to understand why the project reached its goal.

Is Hello, Neighbor! Dev Dynamic Pixels Hiding a Secret in its Basement? - Cliqist

You may or may not be familiar with Hello, Neighbor!. If not, it's an AI-centric first-person puzzler that has players trying to break into their mysterious neighbor's basement in an attempt to uncover their darkest secrets. I think it looks as terrifying as it does unique, in the weirdest of ways too, and it totally has my interest piqued.

Crowdfunding Hall of Fame: Erin Reynolds - Cliqist

Who is Erin Reynolds? If you have any interest in the games industry whatsoever, it's a name worth knowing. The 32-year-old Colorado-born designer is a true woman of the world, having grown up within a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

The Hello, Neighbor! Kickstarter Drama Continues - Cliqist

You may have read my article the other day about a dispute behind the scenes of the Hello, Neighbor! campaign. If not, you should definitely check that out before reading this article. It's kind of a weird situation. Too lazy?

Recently Published...

Space Station RPG Wayward Terran Frontier Priced & Dated - Cliqist

The awkwardly-titled space RPG Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls is coming to Steam February 11th, as detailed in a recent update, and there's a lot to unpack, so let's get started! Date aside, pricing is the next order of business, and the final game is set to be slightly more expensive than the $20 early ...

Harvest Moon Inspired World's Dawn is Upon Us - Cliqist

World's Dawn is set to launch on Steam on January 25th. That's right around the corner. The farming sim, inspired by cult classic Harvest Moon, raised a total of $6,689 from 384 backers, which doesn't sound like much overall, but it's a lot coming from such a small pool of donators.

Girls Make Games Finally Updates Interfectorem Kickstarter Backers - Cliqist

Interfectorem, the Kickstarter-funded project from the Girls Make Games initiative, has finally updated backers on the project's development, which hit its goal way back in August. $12,701 is a big number, and so radio silence has hardly been encouraging for backers. Nonetheless, the team promises the next update will be posted in a matter of ...

ToeJam & Earl Set to Bring the 90s Back this Fall - Cliqist

It's the 'Year of ToeJam', apparently, as Humanature Studios' ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove is very much on course for its fall release date, as detailed in a recent update to the project's Kickstarter page. The project, if you're unaware, has a decent amount of support, as evidenced by its Kickstarter Staff Pick ...

The End of the World is 2D in Indef - Cliqist

Here's the basic pitch for Indef: you play as a human in a side-scrolling, post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies, mutants and other hostile enemies. It doesn't sound terribly original, but I can confirm that it does look pretty. Personally, I'm more interested in how an allegedly non-linear game will work on a horizontal 2D plane.

Showcase Reviews

Backwards Compatible
Review - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (PS4)

Its brevity will doubtless be off-putting to some players, as will its peaceful, exploratory gameplay, but those who are willing to take the game for what it is will be rewarded with a beautiful, haunting and atmospheric title that leaves a lasting impression.

Backwards Compatible
Review - Tembo the Badass Elephant (PS4)

For the most part, Tembo the Badass Elephant is a fun, tightly-designed and challenging game that will appeal to arcade purists and challenge seekers, but its progression system, brevity and high difficulty level might be off-putting to some players, who will find little reason to return once the credits have rolled.

Backwards Compatible
Review - Hatred (PC)

It might appear bold and shocking to an outsider, but Hatred is in reality an unremarkable and often tedious game that offers nothing new to the genre.