Gareth Farrell

Novice Journalist.

Location icon United States of America

2015 graduate of the University of Arizona's School of Journalism. Experience with news reporting, photojournalism, and other forms of multimedia journalism. Covered agriculture for the Arizona-Sonora News Service. Scroll down to read some stories I've written or click the Flickr link above to see my photography.

I also have the distinct privilege of serving as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Reserves.


Published Articles

Arizona Sonora News Service
UA professors take the fight to citrus greening

Under threat from a crippling, deadly bacteria, the Arizona Department of Agriculture is escalating its war against a disease crippling the nation's citrus crops by expanding quarantine zones throughout Arizona and enlisting the help of some of the University of Arizona's brightest minds.

Arizona Sonora News Service
Farmer's genetic engineering breeds top notch chiles

PEARCE, Ariz. - Chances are, if you've enjoyed a chile pepper or any type of chile product recently, those peppers can trace their origins back to the 1500 acres that make up Ed Curry's farm in the Sulfur Springs Valley, 80 miles southeast of Tucson.

Historical crops in Arizona may be future of agriculture

Two Southern Arizonan non-profit organizations, Native Seeds/SEARCH and Tohono O'odham Community Action, are promoting wild food sources and desert-tolerant crops. Before Arizona became known for its cotton and citrus, before farmers moved West, before Spanish explorers first set their eyes on the Grand Canyon, the Tohono O'odham were cultivating the land and using the Southwest's natural food sources to survive.

Unpublished Work


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