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5 Korean Beauty Products You Just Have to Try - New For You

Korean beauty products have inundated drugstores and beauty blogs everywhere, and we're not complaining. We're big fans of what these products do and believe Korean beauty is not overhyped, but rather a game-changer when it comes to effective skincare routines. There are some remarkable 'before and after' stories documented online, and we can vouch for ...

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How to Get More Stress-Relieving Adaptogens in Your Diet

It's well known that unhealthy stress levels have the potential to wreak havoc on our health. Luckily, there are many simple remedies. Maybe opening a bottle of wine and winding down the day with a fizzy bath bomb is your jam, or amping up your oil-infused humidifier and wearing a heated, herb-filled neck wrap to ...

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We've Been Applying Skincare Products All Wrong

Did you know that when it comes to skincare products, simply applying them in the wrong way can influence their effectiveness? Sometimes, it's an intuitive process, but the subtle nuances from product to product can really make a difference. Considering how many beauty products are available to us, it's no wonder that applying them has ...

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Indulge in These 3 Holiday Treats Featuring Addictive Wellness Chocolate

We can't get enough of Addictive Wellness Chocolate, of which we sell two delicious varieties right here at New For You. With the holidays coming up, we wanted to give you a few ideas of how to incorporate this healthy chocolate into three simple yet festive treats.

New For You
3 Surprising Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal - New For You

You may have seen this unconventional teeth-whitening product floating around on social media, most likely as an image comparing 'before and after' shots or showing how it looks when used. We're talking about activated charcoal, which has an array of health benefits from filtering water to removing toxins from the body.

New For You
3 Amazing Skin Benefits of the Isola Coffee Body Scrub

The Isola Vanilla + Coffee Body Scrub has some pretty potent ingredients that come together like a delicious cocktail for your skin. The reasons these ingredients are so amazing for your skin may surprise you. Keep reading to learn about how the Isola scrub works to exfoliate and refresh your skin, naturally.

Vital Updates
Inexpensive Drug for Bleeding After Childbirth Proves to Saves Lives -

A drug that was invented, and largely overlooked, in the 1960s is now being praised for its ability to drastically decrease maternal deaths due to postpartum hemorrhaging, or excessive bleeding during and after childbirth. In 1962, husband and wife research team Shosuke and Utako Okamoto were living in post-WWII Japan.

SAGE Connection - Insight
Peer Review Best Practices Part V: Managing Review Expectations

For our fifth post in this series, we will focus on some quick review expectations. In an ideal peer-review process, editors secure dependable and willing reviewers for their journal's submitted manuscripts in a timely manner. In order for this to occur, an editor should set guidelines for reviewer turn-around times, which are influenced by multiple factors: 1.

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