Gallit Itzhaki

Curious Content Strategist. Data and Word Nerd. Mother. Powerlifter.

United States

My name is Gallit. It's like "delete" with a "G." I help organizations stand out by digging deep into research, developing data driven digital content strategies and copy that is clear, concise, and empathetic.

From engaging social media posts to bold web pages, I understand how to simplify, test, optimize, and write content that will attract prospects and engage users. I love the combination of innovative design and captivating words.

Below, you'll find examples of web pages, processes, blog articles, eBooks, and case studies I've project managed, designed, written, or edited. Let's help your customers by creating the best content experiences together.


Content Strategy & Processes
Persona, Keyword, and Content Map

A content map was developed that connected personas to keywords and content for each stage in the buyer's journey.
Persona Persentation

Personas were identified using primary and secondary research. This high level presentation was delivered company-wide in order to help stakeholders understand who to target and why various content was being developed.

Google Docs

Take a Tour Campaign, Content Strategy *Per company policy, several components, design, keywords, and data points cannot be shared externally.
Content Lifecycle

A lifecycle was specifically developed in order to help the Extensis marketing team decide when to start, stop, and repurpose content.

Web & Mobile Pages

Idea Screening | SurveyMonkey

The goal for this page was to create brand awareness for a new product line (Idea Screening) with seamless web and mobile usability for current users and potential customers. After an A/B test was created, the winning page increased mobile traffic by 15% compared to other similar pages.

Trimble Viewpoint
Construction Software Security | Trimble Viewpoint

This page was to create a fresh security page for our product offerings. While working closely with our legal team, CTO, and design, I created a wireframe, edited content, and optimized this page for search.

Trimble Viewpoint
Construction Employee Management | Trimble Viewpoint

Hiring and retaining employees in the construction industry is a challenge. We wanted to demonstrated how our software can streamline the employee management process and lead to easier hiring and retention. By developing an updated wireframe and enhanced copy centered around construction employee management, we improved conversion rates and traffic by over 10%.

Newsletters and guides
Up Your Game: The Construction Labor Shortage Toolkit

As the construction labor shortage continues to impact organizations world wide, figuring out why and how to overcome this challenge is imperative. Learn more about how to navigate the construction labor shortage.
Trivia: Video Terminology

A video terminology quiz was developed to attract top-of-funnel, marketing professionals. Based on keyword research and customer interviews, video storage is a hot topic. Put your video terminology to the test!
Guide: Is Your Organization Safe Now?

We joined forces with font legal expert, Hank Jones and created an eBook in order to help organizations learn how to evaluate their risk of a font related lawsuit.

The Oregon Clinic
Newsletter Article: Practical Management of an Allergic Patient

In cooperation with Dr. Dew, I wrote an article in The Oregon Clinic's physician newsletter about allergies. The Physician 2 Physician (P2P) newsletter is marketed specially to providers outside of The Oregon Clinic network in order to maintain thought leadership in the healthcare community.

Blog articles
Hikes and Hops

Sometimes you want to drink a delectable, super hoppy IPA and every so often you want to trek Oregon’s stunning hills. Check both goals off your list by exploring Magness Tree Farm and Ancestry Brewing.

Don't Waste a Good Recession

Look into the Construction Crystal Ball with Leading Economist, Anirban Basu. Anirban Basu isn't physic nor does he own a crystal ball. However, some may consider the knowledge he possesses close to having a sixth sense.

Save the Sticky Notes for Bookmarks | Viewpoint Blog

Remove Paper Processes and Streamline Construction Human Resources. We get it. You're busy. Human resource teams in the construction industry have to manage everything-from finding and hiring new talent to making sure benefit material is up-to-date to assuring that every employee has access to training documents and so much more.
Blog Post: Be a Font Librarian Master - Organize Your Font Library!

Set up your font library or clean up your current collection - Part 1 Font. Typeface. Art. Whatever you may call it, fonts can be used in a variety of ways; often as the backbone of any good campaign or design. There are also so many of them which makes it hard for anyone (including ...

Axium 411 Blog
Blog Post: Get Your Bottom Line Boost in 2013 with Section 179

How can you save big? With the Section 179 tax deduction. This blog article was written to inform accountants in the architecture and engineering industry how they can save money by purchasing software at the end of the year.

Customer case studies
Case Study: JDI Group

JDI group improves project profitability and win rate with Ajera software.

Long Form SEO Content