Gail O'Connor

Content Leader, Editor, Writer, Storyteller

I'm currently a senior editor at The Week Junior, a new national weekly news magazine. Prior: senior writer at TWJ; consulting editor at; editor of Wellness, a bookazine from Time Inc./Meredith; consulting editor at Scholastic Classroom Magazines (editorial) and National Partnerships (branded content); senior editor at Parents magazine; and health editor at Shape and Fitness magazines. My work has been published in The New York Times, The Week Junior, Parents, Good Housekeeping, The Muse, and other publications.



12 Weeks to a Healthier Family

THREE-PART SERIES (HEALTH INFORMATION AWARD WINNER): You and your family can get fitter, healthier, and happier in just three months.

The New York Times
You Can't Go to College With Your Kid. But You Can Pretend on Facebook.

STYLES: Cure for the empty nest or parental monitoring gone awry? Jenny Tananbaum was at home in New Jersey one Saturday morning last September when she noticed a flurry of activity in the Facebook group she had joined for parents of students at American University in Washington, D.C., where her son was a freshman.

Why We Need to Lean Back

FEATURE WRITING: A thought-provoking article about why it can benefit us and our children if we're (a little) less hands on

Break Out of Your Rut

SERVICE/HUMOR: We have the antidotes to Groundhog Day Syndrome, where every day of parenting young children seems exactly the same.

What Happened to My Child?

HEALTH INVESTIGATION: Could a sudden change in behavior be caused by something as routine as strep throat? A report about a controversial, pediatric neuropsychiatric disorder that's caught the attention of the National Institute of Mental Health.


FEATURE WRITING (FOLIO AWARD WINNER): A sensitively written article about parents who learned, more than they imagined possible, about loving their children for who they are.

Scholastic * Google's CS First
Ready, Set, Code!

COMPUTERS: Teach students about the language and history of code, then try free coding activities from Google's CS First.

Scholastic * Symantec
My Cool Cyber Job

TECH/CYBERSECURITY: Cybersecurity smarts, and profiles of professionals in the field

Scholastic * U.S. Department of Labor
Jobs of the Future

CAREERS: These ELA/life skills lessons and activities introduce middle schoolers to future careers and apprenticeships they can aspire to.

5th-Grade Milestones

ESSAY: "This is the year it's going to hit you, with the weight of an orthodontist's bill, that your kid has become a big kid."

Rock the School Year

SERVICE: Fresh grade-by-grade advice for school lunches, smooth organization, and more

Scholastic * Northrop Grumman
The Polar Eye Project

SCIENCE/EXPLORING AEROSPACE CAREERS: How a team of aerospace engineers built a drone to withstand Arctic elements to track the loss of sea ice and its effect on polar bears


Crushing It

SERVICE FEATURE: The working mom's practical, spirited handbook for navigating the personal and the professional.

Fear and Parenting in America

INVESTIGATIVE REPORT (MIN AWARD WINNER): A special report about the current climate of fear and its impact on American childhoods


SPECIAL REPORT (MIN AWARD WINNER): An investigative feature about "parenting vigilantes" and the rise of reporting "bad parenting" to authorities

The Future of Play

SPECIAL REPORT: A few of the exciting changes in technological and outdoor play that could be in your family's near future.