Gabriela Santos

Comedy Writer/Freelance Content Creator

My name is Gabriela Santos and I grew up in Miami, Florida.

I went to the University of Miami and throughout my time there I made sure to make the most of my experiences. Whether it was volunteering with the disabled or working on the university's radio show I made sure to stick my hand in every pot I could. Currently, I am actively part of a writing group that has helped me produce scripts on a weekly basis which then are given peer reviewed feedback - easily one of the best experiences I've been fortunate to have. On top of that, I have created and managed an instagram account that has seen steady growth in which I have also have the great fortune of partnering with several brands for sponsored content. No matter what job I am handed, I ultimately give it my all and make sure that the company that has hired me has made the right decision.


This is a comedy page I created and that has amassed over 84,000 followers and counting. @callmemedaddy

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