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The Suffolk Voice
Is Kelp The New Kale?

With the use of local seaweed in the food industry on the rise, kale may as well say good riddance, for its time is up. Sourced from Acadia, Maine, and shipped throughout New England, kelp is ringing in a whole new flavor.

The Suffolk Voice
Here Are The Facts, Factual Feminist

What is a Factual Feminist? Better yet, who is she? ...Her name is Christina Sommers and she is coming to Suffolk University to speak for YAF (Young Americans For Freedom), a widely known conservative group recently brought to campus. Amidst animosity and protest from Suffolk students though, YAF has continued promoting their expected speaker.

The Odyssey Online
Boston's Food Culture

Recently, I came to the realization that visitors come to Boston not knowing where to go to eat. Dining is a must in this city, and at the end of the day food is essential. But the plethora of choices to choose from is rather overwhelming, so knowing what you want beforehand eases much stress and allots more time to explore the city.