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US Partner Community Blog
Set your business apart with advanced specializations - US Partner Community Blog - Microsoft

In a world where new tech competition springs up every day, you need proactive solutions to stand out from the crowd. Today's technology customers are looking for highly skilled and specialized partners, and their demands are more complex than ever. Take the necessary steps to differentiate your business from the rest and place it on the highest rung of the....

Microsoft DevOps Stories | Microsoft Azure

The promise and challenge of DevOps By changing the way we work through DevOps, we deliver better products to our customers and better results to the business. But DevOps adoption isn't easy. Beyond implementing new processes and technology, the ultimate key to a successful DevOps practice is embracing a DevOps culture.

MS Learn

Cultivate the new learning landscape. Embrace shifting priorities in a rapidly changing world.

Microsoft Partners

Infographics bring tech marketing concepts to life

Business Apps | Microsoft Power Apps

Now everyone can quickly build and share low-code apps with Microsoft Power Apps. Find out how to access a free course that teaches low-code application development skills through a partnership with Udacity.

Brand Strategy & Storytelling


Meet Nonie Crème, visionary beauty entrepreneur and creator of brands BeautyGARDE, Butter London, and Colour Prevails. Fashion icon, globetrotter, and feminist, Nonie has lived in London, New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle. She currently stars on Lifetime Television's Marrying Millions. Discover how CBD changed her life.

North to Alaska
Hikes & Hot Springs: Rocky Mountain Route

The drive to Alaska is filled with spectacular scenery, but be sure to pull over, lace up those hiking boots, and don those swimsuits to discover more beauty and adventure. Steaming springs of nutrient-rich natural waters surrounded by miles of dream hikes make exercise and relaxation simple and refreshing.

Wolf Sail Events
Current Adventures

Join us for trips of a lifetime by traveling to the edge of Haida Gwaii, BC Canada to spend 4 exciting days fishing, sightseeing and hanging with the Legends of the NHL.